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Additional information Continued

Nevada State Environmental Commission resolution adopted and

approved February 25, 1974.
Projects pinpointed by the Bureau, amount of time and money spent

through January 31, 1974 (table)
Proposed construction schedule (table supplied by Mr. Morton).
Proposed water budget (table supplied by Mr. Morton) -
Summary of status report, Colorado River water quality improvement

program-January 1974..
Table 1.-Approximation of contributions to salinity at Imperial

Table 2.—Current and projected future salinity of the Colorado

River assuming no salinity control measures.
Township 9 South, Range 25 West of the Gila and Salt River meridian,




Arizona, dependent resurvey and accretion survey (map)
Yuma Mesa Irrigation and Drainage District, Gila project (map)---

317 275


in room

The purpose



Washington, D.C. The subcommittee met, pursuant to notice, at 9:50 a.m., 1324, Longworth House Office Building, Hon. Harold T. Johnson presiding

Mr. Johnson. The hour of 9:45 having arrived, the Subcommittee on Water and Power Resources will come to order.

of our meeting this morning is to receive testimony on legislation pending before the committee and having to do with the Colorado River and salinity matters.

At this time I want to recognize the former chairman of the Interior and Insular Affairs Committee for many years, a very able friend and supporter of all things good for the Colorado River. He has spent a lifetime in public life, a good portion of it here in Washington, and most of that time dealing with the Colorado River.

So we are going to give you the title this morning of Mr. Chairman Emeritus. We are glad to have you here, Wayne, and glad to see you looking so well.

Mr. ASPINALL. Mr. Chairman, may I just take a minute to reply?

Members of the committee, when I heard that you were having an important hearing on Colorado River basin matters, I wished to be present. I had no idea that I would be sitting up here, Mr. Chairman. I thank you very much for permitting me to be next to you.

I see in the room many of those men with whom I have worked for many years, all of them trying to figure out some way to take care of the problems of this great river.

It is nice to be back again. I feel at home, Mr. Chairman, but I can tell you there is a lot of solace and pleasure in being away from Washington most of the time these days. Thank you very much.

Mr. Johnson. Ănd I might say, you look that pert this morning. You look fresh, happy and relaxed, younger, too.

Mr. Aspinall. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

Mr. Johnson. The bills which we will be considering today are listed on the agenda sheet before each member, The Chair suggests a format for today's session that is slightly different from our usual practice. Unless there is objection, I will call Mr. Brownell, Secretary Horton, Ambassador Bowdler and Commissioner Friedkin to the witness table all at the same time.


I see you gentlemen are all here this morning, and if you do not have any objections and there is no objection from the committee, that will be the format. I think it will allow for a more orderly procedure here, do away with duplications and save time so that we can get all of the facts.

We will let each of you gentlemen deliver your prepared statements and then after all of you have been heard we will go into questioning because you are the experts, in this very important matter that is pending before our country, the country of Mexico and the States that make up the Colorado River basin.

At this time, unless there is objection, I would like to place in the record a copy of H.R. 12165, H. Ř. 12834, H.R. 7774 and H.R. 7775. H.R. 12165 and H.R. 7774 are measures which were initiated in the committee and for which departmental reports have been requested from the Departments of Agriculture, Interior, State, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Unless there is objection I will ask that these reports be placed in the record at this point.

Is there objection?

Now, accompanying the reports, we have four very important documents. I would ask unanimous consent that they be placed in the committee file at this time. Ahead of them I would like to ask unanimous consent to have placed in the record the comments on H.R. 12834 which are contained in the executive communication from the Departments of State and Interior under date of February 7, 1974. This is a very important communication and I would ask that it be placed in the record.

Is there objection?
Hearing none, so ordered.
[The information referred to follows:



H. R. 12165


JANUARY 21, 1974 Mr. Johnson of California (for himself, Mr. HOSMER, Mr. RONCALIO of Wyo

ming, Mr. RUNNELS, Mr. LUJAN, Mr. UDALL, Mr. Don H. CLAUSEN, Mr. KETCHUM, Mr. TOWELL of Nevada, Mr. OWENS, Mrs. BURKE of California, and Mr. STEIGER of Arizona) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs


To authorize the construction, operation, and maintenance of

certain works in the Colorado River Basin to control the salinity of water delivered to users in the United States and Mexico.


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa

2 tives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, 3 That this Act may be cited as the "Colorado River Basin

4 Salinity Control Act”.






SEC. 101. (a) The Secretary of the Interior, herein8 after referred to as the "Secretary”, is authorized and di

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1 rected to proceed with a program of works of improvement 2 for the enhancement and protection of the quality of water

3 available in the Colorado River for use in the United States

4 and the Republic of Mexico, in accordance with the provi

5 sions of this Act.


(b) (1) The Secretary is authorized to construct, op7 erate, and maintain a desalting complex, including (1) a de8 salting plant to reduce the salinity of drain water from the 9 Wellton-Mohawk division of the Gila project, Arizona (here10 inafter referred to as the division), including a pretreatment

11 plant for settling and filtration of the drain water to be de

12 salted; (2) the necessary appurtenant works including the 13 intake pumping plant system, product waterline, power 14 transmission facilities, and permanent operating facilities; 15 (3) the necessary extension of the existing bypass drain to 16 carry the reject stream from the desalting plant and other 17 drainage waters to the Santa Clara Slough in Mexico, subject 18 to arrangements made pursuant to section 101 (c); (4) 19 replacement of the metal flume in the existing main outlet 20 drain extension with a concrete siphon; (5) reduction of 21 irrigation return flows through acquisition of lands to reduce 22 the size of the division, and irrigation efficiency improve23 ments to limit return flows; (6) regulation of Gila River 24 floodwaters entering the division, including possible acquisi25 tion of private lands above Painted Rock Dam in Arizona;

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