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as may be necessary to operate the project in accordance


with the obligations of minute numbered 242.


SEC. 2. The projects authorized herein shall be designed

4 and operated separately or in combination with the objective 5 of carrying out the purpose of this Act at the least overall

6 cost to the United States. Unless otherwise herein specified, 7 all costs associated with carrying out the provisions of this 8 Act shall be borne by the United States: Provided, That

9 nothing in section 1 (d) of this Act will relieve water users

10 of costs required to be incurred for complying with the 11 Federal Water Pollution Control Act, as amended.


SEC. 3. Replacement of the reject stream from the de

13 salting plant, and of any Wellton-Mohawk drainage water 14 resulting from essential operations, bypassed to the Santa 15 Clara Slough, except at such times when there exist sur16 plus waters of the Colorado River under the terms of the 17 1944 Water Treaty, is recognized as a national obligation

as provided in section 202 of the Colorado River Basin 19 Project Act. Studies to identify feasible measures to provide 20 adequate replacement water shall be completed not later 21 than June 30, 1980. Replacement of the reject stream by22 passed to the Santa Clara Slough shall begin on the date


23 such augmentation of the Colorado River occurs.


SEC. 4. There are hereby authorized to be appropriated


to the Secretary of State for the use of the United States


1 Commissioner, International Boundary and Water Commis2 sion, such funds as may be necessary to carry out this Act. 3

Sec. 5. This Act may be cited as the “International 4 Salinity Control Project, Colorado River”.



H. R. 7774


MAY 14, 1973 Mr. JOHNSON of California (for himself, Mr. HOSMER, Mr. HOLIFIELD, Mr. Bob

Wilson, Mr. CORMAN, Mr. RHODES, Mr. Upall, Mr. BELL, Mr. Hanna, Mr. Don H. CLAUSEN, Mr. HAWKINS, Mr. DEL Clawson, Mr. RoYBAL, Mr. STEIGER of Arizona, Mr. CHARLES H. Wilson of California, Mr. Wiggins, Mr. Van DEERLIN, Mr. PETTIS, Mr. Rees, Mr. LUJAN, Mr. Brown of California, Mr. GOLDWATER, Mr. ANDERSON of California, Mr. VEYSEY, and Mr. Evans of Colorado) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs

A BILL To authorize the Secretary of the Interior to execute a program

of salinity control for the Colorado River, and for other



Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa-.

2 tives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,

[blocks in formation]

4 SEC. 101. That this Act may be cited as the “Colorado 5. River Basin Salinity Control Act of 1973”. 6 SEC. 102. (a) In recognition of the problems caused 7. by the increasing concentration of dissolved solids in the

8 waters of the main stem of the Colorado River downstream



1 from Lee Ferry, and to preserve the general welfare of the 2 citizens of the Nation, interstate harmony, and international 3 comity with Mexico, it is the objective of this Act to pro4 vide a program for salinity control in the Colorado River

5 Basin.

6 (b) It is the policy of Congress that the Secretary 7 of the Interior (hereinafter referred to as the “Secretary”) 8 shall implement the salinity control policy adopted for the

9 Colorado River in the “Conclusions and Recommendations"

10 published in the Proceedings of the Reconvened Seventh

11 Session of the Conference in the Matter of Pollution of the

12 Interstate Waters of the Colorado River and Its Tributaries

13 in the States of California, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Ne14 vada, New Mexico, and Wyoming, held in Denver, Colo15 rado, on April 26–27, 1972, under the authority of section 16 10 of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (33 U.S.C. 17 1160), and approved by the Administrator of the Environ18 mental Protection Agency on June 9, 1972. 19 (c) The Secretary is hereby directed to expedite the 20 investigation, planning, and implementation of the salinity 21 control program generally as described in chapter VI of the 22 Secretary's report entitled, “Colorado River Water Quality 23 Improvement Program, February 1972”. 24 (d) In conformity with section 102 (b) of this Act and 25 the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency under


1 Federal laws, the Secretary and the Administrator of the 2 Environmental Protection Agency are directed to cooperate

3 and coordinate their activities to effectively carry out the

4 objective of this Act.



6 SEC. 201. In conformity with sections 102 (b) and 7 102 (c) of this Act, the Secretary is authorized to construct 8 the following salinity control units as the initial stage of the

9 Colorado River Basin salinity control program: La Verkin 10 Springs, Paradox Valley, and Grand Valley.






SEC. 301. The Secretary is authorized and directed to

(a) expedite completion of the planning reports on the following units, of which (1) through (3) are described in the Secretary's report, “Colorado River Water Quality Improvement Program, February 1972”. (1) Irrigation source control:





Lower Gunnison.

[blocks in formation]
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