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Appendix 2. Material submitted by witnesses—Continued
Item 1–From Mr. Lawrence Bartlett-Continued

State Agency Directors of USDA Midwest Region : Comments,
suggestions, objections, and questions concerning the Food and

Nutrition Service ---

1856 Item 2-From Senator Hart:

Letter from Howard W. Briggs, director, Detroit Public Schools. 1860
Letter from Mrs. Richard Parsaca and Mrs. Ronald Vance, Mich-
igan School Lunch Committee----

1862 Item 3–From Senator Cook:

Letter from Mrs. Helen A. Davis, food service director, Todd
County (Ky.) Board of Education ---

1863 Letter from C. W. Bevins, director, Division of School Food

Service, Department of Education, Commonwealth of Ken-

1863 Letter from Harold Garrison, superintendent; and Jane Watts,

school food service director, Fulton County (Ky.) Schools---- 1864 Letter from Doris Watts, director, Campbell County (Ky.) Schools Lunchrooms.

1864 Item 4—From Josephine Martin :

Statement of Jack P. Nix, Georgia State Superintendent of

Schools, and Coordinator, School Food Service Committee,
Council of Chief State School Officers.---

1865 Appendix 3. Material submitted by others than witnesses :

Open Letter to Secretary Lyng, by John Perryman, for publication in the October issue of School Foodservice Journal...

1869 Statement of the National Milk Producers Federation..

From Representative Dr. William R. Roy (D-2d Dist., Kansas)- 1871
Appendix 4. Articles of interest :
News previous to the hearing :
August 25, 1971 :

The Washington Evening Star: "McGovern Asks Lifting of
School-Lunch Rules”.

1873 August 26, 1971:

The Denver Post: “McGovern Charges : "Top Brass' Blamed
for Lunch Cuts”.

The Washington Post : “McGovern Joins Protest: More Money
Asked for School Lunches”.

August 28, 1971 :
The Providence (R.I.) Evening Bulletin : "Lunch Cuts Hit

1876 The Providence (R.I.) Journal: "Skimping on School Lunches"

1878 The Washington Post : "Hunger In The Classroom”.

August 29, 1971 :
The Providence Sunday Journal: “No School Lunch Expan-

August 30, 1971 :
The New York Times: "Federal School Lunch Plan Fails To
Help 1.9 Million Poor Pupils”.

1879 August 31, 1971 :

The Associated Press, Wire Release: By Austin Scott---- 1880
The Washington Post : “Lunch Squabble" (excerpt from Jack
Anderson's “Washington Merry-Go-Round”).

1881 September 3, 1971:

The Washington Post: “U.S. Cutting School Lunch Funds”- 1886
September 6, 1971 :
The New York Times : "Feeding Hungry Children”.

News subsequent to hearing:
September 8, 1971 :
The New York Times: “McGovern Scores Pupil Lunch

1888 The Washington Evening Star: “Federal Changes Won't Hurt Area School Lunch Program”.

1889 “School Lunch Crunch”_

1890 The Washington Post: “U.S. Denies Cutting School Lunch Funds"

1890 V

Appendix 4. Articles of interest-Continued
News subsequent to hearing-Continued
September 9, 1971:

The Berkeley (Calif.) Post: “New Regulations Menace School Page
Lunch Programs”.

U.S. Senate Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs :
“Dear Colleague Letter”.

1892 “44 Senators Request President's Intervention in School Lunch Crisis”.

1892 The Washington Post : Herblock cartoon : "Got To Teach 'Em the Value of a Dollar”.

1895 September 10, 1971 :

The Providence (R.I.) Evening Bulletin : "Curb on Lunches
Hits 56,500 in Rhode Island".

1895 Station KOWH, Omaha, Nebr.: An Editorial by Mrs. Wini

fred Peterson, chairman, Welfare Task Force, Urban
League of Nebraska---

1897 September 11, 1971 :

The Washington Food Report: "Furor Over School Lunch

1898 September 16, 1971:

The New York Post: "44 Senators Fight School Lunch

1899 The Wall Street Journal: “Nixon's Diet for Pupils : Agency

Seeks Curb on School-Lunch Funds; Stiff Quiz is Likely by
Senate Panel Today”.

The Daily Mail (Hagerstown, Md.): "44 Senators Urge Nixon
To Scrap Proposed School-Lunch Regulations”.

1901 September 28, 1971:

The Washington Evening Star: "Showdown on School
Lunches Set”.

1902 September 29, 1971:

Letter from the White House to Hon. George McGovern from

Eugene S. Cowen, Deputy Assistant to the President----- 1903
October 2, 1971:

The New York Times : “Senate Acts To Force Rise in Aid
for School Lunches".

October 3, 1971:
The New York Times : "Lunches for Hungry Children"----

1905 October 7, 1971:

The Wall Street Journal: “Administration To Lift School

Lunch Fund $135 Million But Tightens Eligibility Rules"-- 1906 The Washington Post: “U.S. Retains Lunch Share, Cuts 584,000 Off Program”

1907 The New York Times: “U.S. Increases Pupil Lunch Aid But Tightens Rule on Eligibility”.

1908 October 8, 1971 : The New York Times: "Fudge for Lunch”.

1909 The Washington Post: Herblock cartoon : “New Play in the Big Game Plan Against the Kids”.

1910 October 9, 1971:

The Washington Post : "Taking Back the Lunch Money”- 1910
October 10, 1971 :

The New York Times: “U.S. Tightens Rule on Free

1911 October 13, 1971:

The Washington Evening Star: “New Challenge Set on Lunch

1912 October 15, 1971 :

U.S. Senate Select Committee on Nutrition and Human

Needs, press release : "59 Senators Write President Urging
Withdrawal of School Lunch Regulations That Would De-
prive 1.5 Million Children of Lunches”.

The New York Times: “Nixon's Own Expert Criticizes Cut-
back in School Lunches".

1916 The Wall Street Journal: “House Panel Approves Unanimously Boosting School-Lunch Spending”


Appendix 4. Articles of interest-Continued
News subsequent to hearing-Continued

The Washington Post : "Congressional Report: House Unit Page
Restores Lunch Program"--

October 16, 1971 :

The Washington Post: "School Lunch Edict Hit by 59

October 17, 1971 :

The New York Times : "School Lunches : The Script Called
for Some Empty Trays"-.

The Washington Post: "Unresolved Question: Will the Gov-
ernment Feed the Hungry?”.

October 18, 1971 :

The Washington Post: "Nixon Orders Clarifying of School
Lunch Rules”.

October 19, 1971 :

The Washington Evening Star: "Agriculture Bows to Critics,
Ends School Lunch Cutback”.

The Washington Post: “U.S. Drops Cut in School Lunch

The New York Times: “House Orders Nixon Aides Not to Cut
Pupil Lunches".

The Wall Street Journal: “Administration Cancels Attempts

to Pare School-Lunch System by Curbing Eligibility'. 1923
October 21, 1971 :
The New York Times :
Food, Not Promises”_

“Pupil Lunch Bill is Sent to Nixon”.

The Washington Post : "Congressional Report: School Lunch
Bill Approved”

October 22, 1971:
The Washington Post : "The Free Lunch Reversal”.

November 7, 1971 :

The Washington Post: “Excerpt from Article by Carroll

November 8, 1971:
Associated Press Dispatch: "School Lunch Budget”.

Appendix 5. Supplemental information to the hearing :
Passage of Senate Joint Resolution 157 :
From the Congressional Record, Oct. 1, 1971 :

Free Lunches-Reduced Price Lunches for Needy Children-- 1929
From the Congressional Record, Oct. 15, 1971 :
School Lunch Regulations---

Passage of Senate Joint Resolution 923 :
From the Congressional Record, Oct. 18, 1971 :

School Lunch and Breakfast Programs for Needy Children.- 1989
Message from the House of Representatives on House Joint Resolu-
tion 923:
From the Congressional Record, Oct. 20, 1971 :

Free or Reduced Price Lunches for Needy Schoolchildren -- 2014

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Washington, D.C. The Select Committee met at 10 a.m., pursuant to call, in room 1114, of the New Senate Office Building, the Honorable George McGovern, chairman of the committee, presiding:

Present: Senators McGovern, Hart, and Cook.

Staff members present: Kenneth Schlossberg, staff director; Gerald S. J. Cassidy, general counsel; and Judah Sommer, minority counsel.

OPENING STATEMENT OF SENATOR MCGOVERN, CHAIRMAN Senator McGOVERN. The committee will please come to order. Today's hearing deals with the proposed regulations of August 13 which reduce the reimbursement rate to 35 cents for free and reducedprice school lunches.

Over the last 2 weeks the Select Committee has been besieged by literally hundreds of State and local school lunch directors and by community representatives of all kinds, with urgent requests that we hold a hearing on the proposed regulations at the earliest possible date.

I cannot recall any time since this committee has been in operation when there has been such an outcry against a proposed regulation as we have heard over the past 2 weeks. Thirty-seven State school lunch directors, meeting in Minneapolis on August 5 through 7, unanimously condemned the new regulations and have called upon this committee to hold these hearings today.


There is one basic point of disagreement that we are going to deal with in today's hearings. The question is very sharply drawn, and it is just that single issue that we will be looking at: The August 13th regulations which the Department of Agriculture claims are designed to assist the States to do a better job in carrying out the congressional intent of Public Law 91–248, that every eligible child “shall be served meals free or at a reduced cost;" and, on the other hand, the point of view of the State school lunch directors' unanimous position that this new regulation will bring the School Lunch Program-in their words— "to a screeching halt."


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