Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Act: Hearings, Ninety-third Congress, Second Session, on H.R. 12165 and Related Bills. March 4, 5, and 8, 1974

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Стр. 192 - Session of the Conference in the Matter of Pollution of the Interstate Waters of the Colorado River and Its Tributaries...
Стр. 56 - The works to be constructed or used on or along the boundary, and those to be constructed or used exclusively for the discharge of treaty stipulations, shall be under the jurisdiction of the Commission or of the respective Section, in accordance with the provisions of the Treaty.
Стр. 56 - Minute 242, Permanent and Definitive Solution to the International Problem of the Salinity of the Colorado River, 30 de agosto.
Стр. 241 - Shall advise, consult, and cooperate with other agencies of the State, the Federal Government, other States and interstate agencies, and with affected groups, political subdivisions, and industries in furtherance of the purposes of this Act...
Стр. 59 - ... (D) an estimate of (i) the environmental impact, (ii) the economic and social costs necessary to achieve the objective of this Act in such State, (iii) the economic and social benefits of such achievement, and (iv) an estimate of the date of such achievement; and (E) a description of the nature and extent of nonpoint sources of pollutants, and recommendations as to the programs which must be undertaken to control each category of such sources, including an estimate of the costs of implementing...
Стр. 202 - Congress declares that the satisfaction of the requirements of the Mexican Water Treaty from the Colorado River constitutes a national obligation which shall be the first obligation of any water augmentation project planned pursuant to section 1511 of this title and authorized by the Congress.
Стр. 111 - Senate, does provide this machinen" for its interpretation. Mr. DELLENBACK. I am just trying to lay it out right for the record and understand it myself. Now, is there anything else, Mr. Brownell, that is going into force and effect by virtue of Minute No. 242 without action by the House or Senate? Mr. BROWNELL. I would say that section l(b) and 2 would come under that classification. Section l(b) provides that the United States will continue to deliver to Mexico on the land border at San Luis and...
Стр. 293 - In Hugh S. Ritter, Thomas M. Bunn (A-30415) , decided February 24, 1965, the Under Secretary of the Interior ruled that "it would be contrary to the public interest at this time to increase the pressure on the inadequate water supply available for use in California from the Colorado River by classifying * * * public lands as available for disposition under the desert land law.
Стр. 104 - Any other quantities arriving at the Mexican points of diversion, with the understanding that in any year in which, as determined by the United States Section, there exists a surplus of waters of the Colorado River in excess of the amount necessary to supply users in the United States and the guaranteed quantity of 1,500,000 acre-feet...
Стр. 241 - It is the policy of the Congress to recognize, preserve, and protect the primary responsibilities and rights of States to prevent, reduce, and eliminate pollution, to plan the development and use (including restoration, preservation, and enhancement) of land and water resources, and to consult with the Administrator in the exercise of his authority under this Act.

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