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if this Antichristian Army be to be destroy edhor flain in a-literal Sense; then their Bodies will be literally dead, and when fo are proper Food for rávenous (Birds, and wild Beasts of the Earth; and why then may it not express, that there shall be fuch great Multitudes of them destroyedy that all the Fowls of Heaven may cortie and feaft upon their Bodies? Though I muft acknowledge that "there are good Reafons given by Dr. More in the last of his Divine Dialogues to prove that thisi cannot be anderfood di therwise than in a Mystidal. und Spiritual

Sense: 10, ISBN 9VESHI "Antichrist .? $. 26. ANĐ how foltows.The Grand Can taken and tastrophe. Whilft the Antichriftian Army cast into are thus gathered together, Behold the Heatomlefs

Vins were opened, Rev. 19. 11. and a white Horse, and be that fate upon him was called Faithful and True, and in Righteoufness he dotb Fudge and make War. By the white Horse may be hgnified Christ's Royalty and Glory from his Resurrection to his Second Coning in his Kingdom!" The Rider is said to be Faithful and True because of his appearing in his Kingdom, according to his Promife, which Atheists, Deists, and they of the Antichristian-Party had called in QueStion, asking, Where is the promise of his coming? Thefe Unbelievers he will in his RighLecousness judge and destroy. 5 V. 12. THI's Rider is deferibed. His Eyes were as a Flame

' of Fire (penetrating and judging all things in a quick and terrible manner) And on his Head were many Crowns,




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(denoting the Amplitude of his Dominion) And he had a Name wrițen which no man knew but Himself: By Name in Scripture, is ofden fignified Nature, and so this Mysterious Name may be fomething expresling the Hypoftatick

Union of the Two Natures in our Blessed Lord, which as it does' infinitely

tranfcend the short limited Capacity of Human Nature to comprehend, so it will appear now more Illustrious and Glorious than ever.119 COV. 13. HE Wds Clodthed with a Veffure dipt in blood (expreffing His Triumph through the blood of his Cross) and his Name is called Por he is) the Word of God. 1. e. He is the Eternal word of God, the Second Person in the Ever-Bleffed-Trinity, the Word by Whom God spake when he made the World; and fpåke alfoo to our Forefathers under the Old Testament, and to us in the Gofpel.

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V.14. Are'described his Companions and Attendants. The Armies which were in Heaven (1.'e. the Angels and Saints, whether dead or living, in whom the Kingdom of - Heaven is perfe&ted) followed bim upon white -Horses, Companions and Partákers with Christ in his Glory and Kingdom, cloathed in fine Linnen white and clean. Their Robes or Righteousness having been washed and made white in the Blood of him who is cloathed with the Bloody Garment.

10.15. AND but of his Mouth goeth a sharp Sword, (viz, his Word, which is sharper than amy swo-Edged Sword, Heb. 4. 12.) that with it

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be may smite the Nations of the Earth, and rule them with a Rod of Iron, (during the continuance of his Glorious Kingdom) and be treaderbtbeWine-press of the fiercenefs andWrath of Almighty God (as he once trod it by himself alone when in his own Body he bore upon the Cross the Iniquities of us all, Isa. 63. 3, So will he now tread down the wicked who are the accursed Vine of Sodom,or rather to speak in the Language of Isaiab in the a fore-cited Place, make them tread it them selves whilst they suffer that Vengeance which he inflicts upon them.

V. 16. AND be bad upon bis Vesture, and upon his Thigh a mame Written ĶING of KINGS, and LORD of LORDS. (he wore and discovered Glorious and Illustrious Symbols and Characters of his Supreme Universal Monarchy.) Some think that as his former Name mentioned v, 13. dengted his Divinity; so this may denote his Kingdom as Son of Man, therefore he wears a Title on his Vesture, as Kings do their Royal Cognizançes, by which they are distinguished

and made known, WITH this Glory, this Might, and Authority he scatters and confounds the Diabolical Army, that are said, v. 19. to be gathered together to make War against him. They fall before him as the shades of Darkness before the Rising Sun. See how the Lightnings flash in their Faces, how they tremble and are amaz'd, they reel, and stagger, and are at their Wits end, and in this confusion they shall as in the


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Day of Midian, Josh. 7. 22. turn their Hands against each other, and like as the Moabites Ammonites and the Children of Mount Seir, 2 Chron. 20. 23. helped to destroy one another, fo fhall these lift up every one his Hand against his Brother, and turn his Sword against his Fellow. Even as the Lord hath said, Ezek. 38. 21. I will call for a Sword againft bim throughout all my Mountains, every Man's Sword shall be against bis Brother. And I will plead against him with Pestilence and with Blood, and I will rain upon him and upon his Bands, and upon the many people that are with him, an overflowing Rain, and great Hailftones, Fire, and Brim stone. And (Rev. 19. 20.) the Beast and false Prophet that wrought Miracles before him, with which be bad deceived them that had received the Mark of the Beast, and them shat worshipped his Image, were both of them taken and cast alive into the Lake burning with Fire and Brimstone. And the Remnant (v. 21.) were slain with the Sword of him that fate upon the Horse, which proceedeth out of bis Mouth, and all the Fowls were filled with their Flesh. This is what St. Paul foretold concerning this Lying Deceiver, 2 Thefl. 2.8. That the Lord shall consume him with the Breath of bis Mouth, and destroy him with the Brightness of bis Coming. When he shall descend with the Power and Majesty of an Everlasting Kingdom, which shall' descend with him upon the Earth, then shall all the Glorious Promises made to the Church be plentifully fulfilled ; then shall the Sons and

Pisciples Disciples of the Cross receive double at the Lords. Hand for the Shame which they have suffered for his fakeji and instead of Confusion they shall rejoyce in their Portion, and in their Land they lfhall poffefs the double's He will give them Beauty for Afhes, the Oil of Joyl for Mourning, the Garment of Praise for the Spirit of Heaviness. Everlasting Joy Thall be up

or them. Yea the Lord ishall send forth * See the his Spirit *, and renew the Face of the Earth, Original. Pfal. 104. 303 which is that Reftitution of

all things which. God hash spoken by the Mouth of all bis Holy Prophets ever firece the World began, Acts. 3. 21.30

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