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immense and lamentable gap, and to recover the trad tion's broken thread. Rossetti and his group, for whor Blake in his turn was a prophet, make another splendi effort to take up the interrupted story and bring bac imagination to the arts of their country. But it i always a difficult fight; strife absorbs energy that shoul flow into creation. For this is the disabling circum stance: the arts have been divorced from the imaginativ life. It is not that gift has been lacking. Any one wh studies English painting in the 19th century must b struck by the abundance of fine talent-sensitive ey and dexterous hand-put to the service of an almos inconceivable triviality. The imaginative life of the century is scarcely hinted at; it is as if it did not exist We must accuse the patron more than the artist.

Broken, obscured, beset by fatality and all kinds o untimeliness, the English tradition in the arts has been But the capacity for expression in the arts has neve died out. To recall and revive works of beauty made by our countrymen; to make known what fine tradition have been interrupted and neglected; to correct the preva lent ignorance and incredulity; this is the honourabl task which the Walpole Society has undertaken. It i relevant also to the art of our own time. For the artis by instinct looks both before and after; he needs th support of previous achievement in working for th future, and he needs the faith of his countrymen i the national genius.



In the number for October 1920 (No. 465), p. 365, line

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