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benefit. We have introduced,” says | preservation, and as being the harbingers Phillips, “no exotic tree that has so of the noble plantations which now greatly embellished the country in gene- cover the whole surrounding districts, ral. Its pale and delicate green cheer- are no less so, on account of their localfully enlivens the dark hue of the fir and ity ; for their branches overshadow the the pine, and its elegant spiral shape, venerable remains of the abbey of Duncontrasting with the broad-spreading oak, keld, and the bleak and barren hill once is a no less happy contrast; whilst its covered with the renowned Birnam wood. stars of fasciculate foliage are displayed of the other three trees, originally to additional advantage when neighbour- planted, one was accidentally felled while ing with the broad-leaved chestnut, the yet young; the second, containing one glossy holly, the drooping birch, or tre- hundred and forty-seven cubic feet of mulous asp.".

When planted singly on timber, was felled in 1809, and sent to a lawn, too, it is a beautiful and inter- Woolwich dockyard; and the third, of esting object at every period of the year, one hundred and sixty-eight cubic feet, from the all-reviving season, when at the was purchased on the spot, by a Leith genial voice of spring

ship-builder, for three shillings per foot.

The nine larches at Dalwick, are yet “ The larch has hung all her tassels forth,”


standing ; one of them, known as the tall

larch, is eighty feet high, and the trunk till it stands before the winter's ruthless fifteen feet in circumference at the blast to unveil the regular and sym-ground. Another, designated as the metrical arrangement of its tapering crooked larch, is a remarkably picturbranches, which are of a lively brown, esque tree; its main limb having been and streaked with a golden tinge. The struck by lightning, one of the side remarkably death-like character it then branches' has, with a remarkable curve, displays, is peculiar to this tree, and ren- assumed its place. The tree does not ders the sudden transformation of its exceed fifty feet in height; but the trunk spring-tide appearance yet more beauti- is of extra size, measuring nineteen feet fül. Even Wordsworth allows that a / at the roots, fifteen feet beneath the young larch tree shows some elegance in junction of the limbs, and thirteen feet form and appearance, though he strongly yet higher. censures the uniform and unpicturesque The larch tree is considered, by Dr. appearance produced by the little variety Candole, as less subject to disease than of its form, and the unvaried tinge of its any other alpine tree. At one time, the leaves. Being for the most part planted English larch plantations were much inat regular distances, and in unbroken fested and injured by the ravages of a masses, its picturesque effect is, no doubt small insecto (Coccus laricis) which injured, by the very circumstances which covered them like a hoar frost. It lives enhance its pecuniary value. Yet, on on the resinous sap of the tree, and dethe rugged sides of the Alpine and Ty- posits its eggs at the angles formed by rolese mountains, and even upon our the last year's buds. The trees affected Highland clifts, it often assumes the by this blight, appear to have their form and bearing of a truly majestic foliage covered with a whitish substance, tree.

which adheres to the touch ; and after The largest larches, in_Britain, are the leaves have fallen, they appear believed to be those at Dunkeld and covered with black stains. Serious apMongie. The largest, at the latter place, prehensions were entertained as to its reis one hundred and two feet high, and sults; but since 1815 they have graits branches extend over a space above dually disappeared. one hundred feet diameter. Of the five

It appears strange, that a tree so inoriginally planted at Dunkeld, two only teresting in appearance, and the associaare now standing; the largest of these tions connected with it, should have been measured, in 1831, ten feet six inches in almost entirely overlooked by our poets. circumference, at five feet from the But though unrenowned in song, the ground; the trunk was one hundred Christian student of the works of nature feet in height, and its contents estimated will view the larch with no uninterested, at three hundred and sixty-eight cubic unbenefitted gaze. The eyes of his feet." These majestic trees, interesting understanding have been illuminated, and on account of their apparently accidental | to him


* Not a tree,

death; but the new covenant will bring A plant, a leaf, a blossom, but contains

all its subjects to their incorruptible A folio volume. He may read, and read, And read again; and still find something new, inheritance. Something to please, and something to instruct.”

Relationship to Abraham, or being For nought that bears the impress of a

of the seed of Abraham, according to hand Divine, is dumb to his attentive ear,

the flesh, as the prerequisite qualifior veiled to his observant gaze.

He cation to church membership, instead looks upon the larch, an exotic plant,

of regeneration, or a change of heart

, yet so naturalized to our atmosphere and

was shaken, and entirely removed. soil, that by means of its valuable

For “now the axe is laid unto the

products, the rocky cliff and sterile accli- root of the trees: therefore every tree vity become as a plumy forest, and are

which bringeth not forth good fruit rendered more intrinsically valuable than is hewn down, and cast into the fire;"

however near he may be related to “ Rich Peru with all her gold,"

Abraham, he has no right to the prior the diamond treasuries of Golconda, vileges of the church of God under the Herein he traces an emblem of the gospel dispensation. Think not, thereDivine principle of grace, that wonder- fore, to say within yourselves, that you working power, heaven born in its have Abraham, or any other good man, origin, and heaven tending in its effects, for your father; but bring forth fruit which, when implanted in the sinner's meet for your repentance, always restony heart and barren nature, renders collecting that the religion of Christ them as a garden enclosed, a fertile soil. is a personal concern; that you must The wilderness becomes as a fruitful give an account to God for yourself, field, and the desert rejoices and blos- and not for others; neither can your soms as a rose; when the incorruptible relationship with any other avail you seed, the word of God, which liveth and anything in the day of judgment. Ye abideth for ever, has been implanted must be born again. Ye must ex. there by the heavenly Husbandman, perience a real change of heart, which nurtured by his fostering power, and will manifest itself in your general strengthened and refreshed by the gen. conduct. You must be born, not of tle and fructifying showers of the sacred blood, nor of the flesh, nor of the Spirit. Thus the human heart, once will of man, but of God. “If any yielding only briars and thorns, fit to be man be in Christ, he is a new creaburned, is changed into a garden en- ture: old things are passed away; be. closed, bringing forth fruits of righteous hold, all things are become new.ness, to the glory and praise of Him Wherefore, henceforth know we no man who has planted, watered, and takes after the flesh,” 2 Cor. vi. 16, 17. pleasure in the work of his hand.

Also the circumcision made with hands in the flesh, as a mark of membership in the Jewish church, is taken

away, to give place to the circumcision The covenant of Sinai had formed of the heart, so that those who have a sort of starry heaven for that national experienced the cutting knife of con. church. The Shechinah was their sun; viction and conversion shall not be the holy days, their moon; and pro- lost like thousands of those who have phets, priests, and kings their stars : been circumcised in the flesh, but never but Jesus shook them all off, that he were pierced into the heart, like the himself might fill their place. He is murderers of the Prince of life. our bright and morning Star, and the The seat of government was removed glorious Sun of righteousness with heal from Mount Zion above ; and the ing under his wings. He removed the sword that had been useful in the hand covenant of Sinai, to give place to the new of old Joshua, is put in its scabbard, covenant, The covenant of Sinai had according to the command of our Jesus, no remission of sins in it. It was only to give place to the sword of the Spirit

, a small vessel, trading only with the which is the word of God; that twoland of Canaan. It carried some here, edged sword, which cometh out of the and shut out many even from the tem- mouth of the Messiah, by which he poral privileges of that country; but subdues his enemies, and establishes it never delivered one soul from eternal his kingdom.


The priesthood, according to the is putting on his mourning apparel. order of Aaron, was removed to give Gabriel, come down from heaven, and place to the priesthood according to explain the hieroglyphic to the specthe order of Melchizedeck. The priests, tators on Calvary! The darkening of according to the order of Aaron, were the natural sun, as if he were setting all put out of office by Death, the king in his full meridian, figuratively deof terrors, before the work was accom- notes the setting of the sun of the emplished; but Jesus put on his priestly pire of Satan, sin, and death ; and the garments according to the order of Dayspring from on high, rising upon Melchizedeck, and death could not the dead, and awakes them in their strip him of them. He died in his graves; and on the morning of the office, and by one sacrifice made an third day, you see the Sun of rightend of sin. He is able to save to the eousness rising from the night of death, uttermost, because he ever liveth to as a sure testimony that your debt is make intercession for us.

paid, that you might have life in his Also the middle wall of partition death, and riches in his poverty, who that kept the poor Gentiles far off, hath abolished death, and hath brought was shaken and demolished. The merit | life and immortality to light by the of the sacrifice of Christ more than gospel. - Christmas Evans. filled the temple; the whole land of Judea was

too small to contain it. Therefore, it burst forth into the land

COME BACK AGAIN. of the Gentiles, in living streams and Come back again, if you have moved rivers, that can never be frozen in ever so little; nay, if you have only set winter, nor dried up in summer.

your foot, or turned your face towards In short, all the vessels of the sanc- an evil thing. Come back again, or you tuary were taken away by the Lord will find, what all have found who have of the temple--the golden table, the trod the paths of iniquity, “ There is no golden candlestick, the molten sea, the peace to the wicked." twelve oxen—to give place to the twelve Come back again, if you have erred apostles, to proclaim the washing of and strayed from the performance of a regeneration, justification, and sancti- single duty; if you have gone in pursuit fication, by the blood and water that of a single forbidden pleasure. Come gushed from the wounded side of the back again : the path may be flowery, but High Priest of our profession. The your hands and your feet, ay! and your cherubim of glory upon the mercy heart also, will be pierced with thorns ; seat were taken away, to give place the fruit may be sweet in your mouth, to the mercy seat in the blood of Christ. but in your belly it will be bitter as The priests, the altar, and all the Jew-wormwood. ish sacrifices were turned out; for Come back again, if you have injured Jesus, the sum and substance of all the a fellow sinner intentionally or unintenshadows, suffered and died without the tionally; make restitution according to camp. Behold, the glory is gone from your ability. Go not forward in the the temple, and rests upon Jesus on error you have committed. If you go Mount Tabor, in the presence of Moses on, your peace will be sorely wounded. and Elias, Peter, John, and James, and If you come back again, your hurt may a voice from heaven was heard saying, be healed. Hear ye him, go after him, follow him Come back again, if evil companions through evil and good report. God, have led you astray. The joy they prowho at sundry times and in divers mise will turn into sorrow, the happy manners spake in time past unto the life into a miserable death. If you will fathers by the prophets, hath in these have self-reproach and destruction, and last days spoken unto us by his Son,” despair, and mourning, then may you Heb. i. 1, 2. “In him dwelleth all pursue your course; but if you desire the fulness of the Godhead bodily,” pardon and peace, and hope, and faith, Col. ii. 9. Behold him nailed to the and joy, come back again to the path cross, and hear him cry with a loud whence you have wandered. voice, “ It is finished.”

Come back again, if sickness and pain of that voice which made Sinai of have been the means of subduing your old to shake, is now making the spirit, so that you think God in wrath is earth tremble to its centre, and the sun afflicting you; if you think he has for


The power


gotten to be gracious, call to mind his reserved trust in His merits and mercy, past mercies, think of his present for- O come back again to the Shepherd and bearance. Come back again ; for he can Bishop of your souls. Come back to the bid you take up your bed and walk, he simplicity of the gospel of peace. Come can heal your body and soul.

back to the plain declarations of the unCome back again, if worldly care has adulterated word of God. Listen not to absorbed your soul, and poverty come the voice of the charmer, charm he never upon you. Remember that the silver

so wisely. Why will you be wiser than and the gold are His, and the cattle on a your Bibles, why will you wander from thousand hills. He that has taken away, your peace ? Come back again whatever can bestow more abundantly. Come may be your trouble, your infirmity, back again to Him who can give more your folly, or your sin. If it has led you than you can ask or think. The earth is from the Saviour of sinners, it is an the Lord's, and the fulness thereof. enemy to your soul. Come back again Come back again to Him, that your lat- from fear to hope. Come back from ter end may be better than the begin- sorrow to joy. Come back from the ning.

prospect of eternal death, to the promise Come back again if you have neglect- of everlasting life. ed the Scriptures, the sabbath, and holy things, However long you may have

GENTLE REPROOFS.-No. V. erred, and hardened your heart against the Holy One, despising the way of his commandments, come back again, like

In walking, with a flower in my hand, the prodigal, to your Father and Friend. the suburbs of London, through which

along one of the many thoroughfares in “When the wicked man turneth away the population of one district must of from his wickedness that he hath committed, and doeth that which is law- necessity pass to get to another, I came ful and right, he shall save his soul suddenly upon a father and his child, the alive." " To the Lord our God be

latter just learning to walk. The man long mercies and forgivenesses, though tle dwelling; and he had put a basket

kept a fruit stall in front of his litwe have rebelled against him.” Come back again if you, like the fool, have

of apples on the ground as a temptation

to his child, who, with no small diffisaid in your heart “ There is no God."

Now, If

you have openly defied the High and culty, was tottering towards it. Holy One, come back again from your playfully, "steal an apple, Willie!

steal an apple, Willie !" said the man, perilous path, lest a millstone fall on your head, that will grind you to powder. ing up my finger to the child, and throwing

“ Thou shalt not steal !” said I, holdO raise not your feeble arm against down my flower. As Almighty power, let not a mortal man

passed on, the contend with his Maker. Rush not on took up the child into his arms.

child picked up the flower, and the father the thick bosses of his buckler. Come back again if you are walking ment. Had I stopped to expostulate,

All this occurred, as it were, in a moin shadows instead of sunshine, if you the man might have thought me severe; are doubting the faithfulness of God in but as I passed on without further rehis promises to repentant sinners, if you mark, I cannot but hope that my gift of are desponding with fear when you should be exulting in the hope set be- him to my gentle reproof, and that he

a flower to his little one, may reconcile fore you in the gospel. Come back will not again instruct his child to break again, and call upon the name of the Lord; for he will be better to

the eighth commandment. than

you " The Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon Him, to all that call upon Him in truth.”

There is more joy in the penitential Come back again if you have been led mournings of a believer, than in all the from the good old way of salvation, if mirth of a wicked man. I appeal to some new thing has been proposed to you that have had melted hearts, whether you, and in a measure dazzled your eyes, you have not found a secret content and captivated your affections, and inisled sweetness in your mourning ? So far your judgment. If you are looking from wishing to be rid of your meltings, to something as more necessary than you rather fear the removal of them. faith in a crucified Redeemer, and un- Crisp.

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your fears.



Pilgrims approaclıing the Holy City.

their way into the East. Even noble Dr. Robinson, when alluding to the ladies did not shrink from the hardearly part of the eleventh century, says: ships and dangers of the pilgrimage.

A wild idea had prevailed in some Many of the pilgrims desired to find minds, that the Saviour's second com- their death in the Holy Land. It was, ing was to take place in the year 1000; perhaps, in order to keep back these and others now saw in the disorders of throngs, or more probably in order times a prognostic of the near approach to derive the greater profit from them, of antichrist. Under the influence of that the Muslims about this time dethese circumstances, and perhaps of manded of every pilgrim the tribute the concessions of the khalifs, multi- of a piece of gold, as the price of entudes of all ranks and classes flocked trance into the holy city. to the holy city. It was no longer Among the remarkable_pilgrimages single pilgrims, with staff and scrip, of this period, was that of Robert, duke a monk or an abbot, or even perhaps of Normandy, the father of William a bishop with a few companions, who the Conqueror, which was undertaken wended their way to the promised land, in A.D. 1035, in spite of the remonand were sustained wholly or in part strances of his barons. Having settled by the alms of the pious; but hence- the succession upon his illegitimate son, forth, also, the common people and William, and leaving him under the laity in great numbers, and especially protection and guardianship of the noblemen and princes, often with a French king, he set off with a large large retinue of armed followers, as- retinue of knights, barons, and other sumed the garb of pilgrims, and found followers. He himself, like every

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