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in-Chief, 22 August 1939. (USA

Report concerning preparatory
work regarding problems in East-
ern Territories, 28 June 1941,
found in Rosenberg's "Russia
File". (USA 146)....

Keitel Order, 12 April 1941, for
provisional directions for partition
of Yugoslavia. (GB 144)...
Hitler's decree electing Ribben-
trop member of Secret Cabinet
Council, 4 February 1938. 1938
Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, p. 112.
(GB 129)...

Treaty of Protection between Slo-
vakia and the Reich, signed in
Vienna 18 March and in Berlin
23 March 1939. 1939 Reichs-
gesetzblatt, Part I, p. 606. (GB

Memorandum of conference, 8
May 1942 between Hitler, Rosen-
berg, Lammers, Bormann. (GB

Conference between German and
Bulgarian Generals, 8 February
1941; speech by Hitler to German
High Command on situation in
Yugoslavia, 27 March 1941; plan
for invasion of Yugoslavia, 28
March 1941. (GB 120)..
Preparation for International Anti-
Jewish Congress, 15 June 1944.
(GB 159)....

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Excerpts from diary kept by Gen-
eral Jodl, January 1937 to August
1939. (USA 72)...

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Report on conference between Rib

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conversations between Hitler, Rib-
bentrop and von Weizsacker and
the Hungarian Ministers Imredy
and von Kanya, 23 August 1938.
(USA 88)...

German Foreign Office memoran-
dum of conversation between Rib-
bentrop and von Kanya, 25 Au-
gust 1938. (USA 89).......
German Foreign Office minutes of
the meeting between Hitler and
President Hacha of Czechoslo-
vakia, 15 March 1939. (USA 118;
GB 5)..

German Foreign Office notes of a
conversation with Attolico, the
Italian Ambassador, 18 July 1938.
(USA 85)...

German Foreign Office notes of
conference on 13 March 1939 be-
tween Hitler and Monsignor Tiso,
Prime Minister of Slovakia. (USA

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Telegram from Ribbentrop to the
German Minister in Prague, 13
March 1939. (USA 116)...
Affidavit of von Ribbentrop, 9 No-
vember 1945, concerning positions
held by him. (USA 5)...

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Prague, 16 September 1938. (USA

Telegram from German Foreign
Office to German Legation in
Prague, 24 September 1938. (USA

Telegram from German Foreign
Office to German Legation in
Prague, 19 September 1938. (USA

Telegram from Ribbentrop to Ger-
man Ambassador in Tokyo, Ott,
10 July 1941. (USA 155)...
Telegram from German Ambassa-
dor in Tokyo, Ott, to Ribbentrop,
13 July 1941. (USA 156) ...
Notes on conversation between
Ribbentrop and Oshima, 9 July
1942. (USA 157)..

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Decree of Reich Commissar for

Occupied Dutch Territories con-
cerning confiscation of property,
4 July 1940. (GB 155)..........

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