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Islands,” alluding to the counter- "old English gentleman," wore of feit ring which the lady gave to course a nosegay in his buttonGil Blas, as having been sent to hole. I remember some years her by her uncle, the Governor of afterwards to have met him at a the Philippine Islands. In fact, committee to which we each beall that was really worth preserving longed, and at which he presided, had been previously removed to and to have remarked with surLansdown.

prise that he had not a flower. Beckford informed me once that When, however, he resumed his Lady Cork had asked his permis- great-coat there was a fine white sion for a “young poet,” whom camellia in the button-hole. I had she patronised, to walk in his park not seen Sir Robert since I held, for the benefit of solitude and con- many years before, a post in a templation. “O turn him in, by banking house, where he kept an all means; and tbere,” he said, account. I did not, of course, “I saw him—I took care not to shew any sign of recognition; nor cross his path-smiting his breast did he until we sat down to dinner, and forehead in the most approved and then with his winning smile fashion.” “It must have been in- he asked me, first of all the comteresting to have a live poet run- pany, to take wine with him. I ning wild about your park," I met H. B. not long afterwards at remarked; - did he ever

Sir James Prior's, and his son indoors ?” “By no

manner of Richard Doyle, the illustrator of means," was the reply, “I kept Punch. John Murray (the second) him out doors with the sheep. was also of the party at Sir James's, (The land was not rich enough and a naval celebrity or two. for deer.) DR. CROLY.

ST. LOUIS (Louis IX. OF FRANCE). One of the most agreeable din- In an illuminated service book ner-partits at which I ever was made for, but I believe never pospresent was at Dr. Croly's, who sessed by, him, the date of the then lived at Clapton. The guests Fall of Man is indicated, the were Sir Robert Harry Inglis, Sir words “Adam peccavit” being Emerson Tennent, John Ruskin, set against one of the days in the then a very young man, H. B. month of February, in the Kalen(John Doyle), a very handsome dar prefixed, as in our Book of and graceful person, the Rev. Common Prayer, to the volumeChas. Mackenzie, and Dr. Thorpe, I think it is the 14th. The illu-. who married the Countess of Pom- mination is of the highest order of fret, a lively little man who told the art, and the gold as bright as us a story of a young lady at a if it were done yesterday. The ball at the Castle in Dublin whose book belongs to Mr. Ruskin, and style of dress displayed her charms was in the collection exhibited by with a liberality which attracted the Society of Antiquaries a few the attention of a gentleman, who, years since. A gentleman of my turning to Chief Justice Doherty, acquaintance, who was on a comsaid, "Doherty, did you ever see mission to collect evidence in Sicily anything like that since you were relative to the Bronte Dukedom, born ?" “ I can't say since I was informed me that he was in the born," said the Judge,

monastery of Monte Reale, just tainly not since I was weaned.above Palermo, during an interSir Robert Inglis, a fine, genial view between the monks and a

but cer

deputation from Charles X., to great painter's throat, and as we negotiate the purchase of the

were returning together, in Mr. Heart of St. Louis, which was in Ruskin's carriage, Turner ejacuthe keeping of the brotherhood. lated the obnoxious phrase every The mission proved unsuccessful, five minutes. I told him that if I for though the monks would have had attained to his eminence in been glad of the money, they were art, I should not care a rush for apprehensive that the conventual what anyone said of me. But estates might be held to be an the only reply I could get was appanage of the custody of the “Eggs and spinach.” On another relic.

occasion I sat next to him at the

same hospitable board; when to NATHAN MEYER ROTHSCHILD. my surprise, he asked me to come

and see him ; adding that if he When a young man I held a confidential position in a banking I had only to present my card with

were not at home when I called, firm, and was often sent on mis

Mr. John Ruskin's name in the sions to this great financier. On one occasion the subject of my

corner, and his “Guardiana," as errand was a newly issued foreign his gallery. Accordingly, shortly

he termed her, would admit me to loan. As I was leaving his pre- afterwards, I called with a friend, sence, he put his hand upon my

and was admitted by the lady in shoulder, and said, “Young man, before one fortnight has passed hidden in a huge poke bonnet

question, whose face was almost that stock will be up five per cent.'

(called an Oldenburg, after the His prediction was verified, and

Duchess, who visited England many to the exact amount of rise. The

years before). I presented my card, Paris Rothschild was in the room

When the old lady, without saying at the time.

a word, pointed to a narrow stairA very wealthy Jew, and a relative of this extraordinary capi, Queen Anne Street), and that we

case opening from the hall (in talist, told me that the latter had

found led to his gallery, where we mentioned to him that when he

were gratified by the sight of some was first sent for by the Prime

most magnificent productions of Minister, who wished to consult

his wonderful pencil; some of him in some financial matter, he

them, however, nearly falling from was considerably disturbed by the

their frames. I was told, on very summons, which he feared had reference to Rothschild's being

good authority, that Turner, whose

economical habits were patent to extensively engaged in the ex

all who knew him, had his dinner portation of sovereigns, then car

daily from a cook shop; and it ried on to a great extent, and at

would sometimes happen that his an enormous profit.

dinner arrived when Turner was

in his gallery with some great man, J. M. W. TURNER, R.A.

and the person (alleged by my I used to meet Turner at the informant to be his father) would table of Mr. Ruskin, the father of whisper in the painter's ear, the art critic. The first occasion “That's ready.” And then taking was a few days after the appear- another turn round the gallery, he ance of a notice in the Atheneum, would again approach, and, in a of a picture of Turner's, which somewhat louder whisper, say was therein characterised as “Eggs That's getting cold.” At last and spinach.” This stuck in the after another interval, he would


say louder still, “That's quite was a rich vein of quiet humour cold.” A story was told to me by in him, and the merry twinkle of the same person, of the late Mar- his light blue eye will not have quis of Lansdowne once asking been forgotten by his friends. He Turner for a sight of some sketches, painted two portraits of himself; which the painter told him his one at the age of, I think, sixteen, Guardiana would direct him to if which, when he was about to the Marquis should call in his ab- destroy it, was begged of him by

In the interim, however, his housekeeper, who left it by a friend of the Marquis to whom will to Mr. Ruskin. The other his lordship had mentioned his was a later one, and was purchased intention of calling, said, “ It is some years after Turner's death not unlikely that if your lordship by the same gentleman. drives up to the door in your car

Turner has been charged with riage the old lady may not care to sacrificing Truth to Effect-a not let you in, as she is a very odd uncommon fault among painters. body. I should therefore recom- There is in “Rogers' Italy” a picmend your leaving your carriage ture of Pæstum, from which a friend at the end of Queen Anne Street, of mine made a drawing, and and pulling the area bell.” This knowing, from having visited the advice was followed, when the old spot, that there are three more lady, in her poke bonnet, without columns in the Temple of Neptune raising her eyes, inquired, “Is that than is given in the engraving, he you, Cat's-meat ?" It is singular supplied the deficiency. He menthat Turner, who was so jealous of tioned the fact to George Cruikfame in his lifetime, should have shank, who happened to call, and been so careless as to goodness of who, placing his finger on the his materials, sending, as a friend last three columns in friend's of his and my own remarked, for copy, exclaimed, “ Ah! the rogue, any colour he wanted to "the he knew it would be a better chap round the corner.” The re- picture without it." There is in sult of this indifference is that the Bodleian a cork model of the many, and to my certain know- Temple, of which I have a dupliledge, one of his best pictures is cate, and counting the columns, I cracking all over. Among the

find there are fourteen on each evidences of his failing powers side of the building, while Turner may be mentioned the strange fact has given only eleven. It is a of his introducing fish into pictures. veritable fact that in Turner's Though naturally fond of money original sketch for “Rogers' he allowed pictures to get mouldy Italy” there is not the lightning in a cellar for which he might flash which appears in the enhave got thousands; the alleged graving, that having been introreason being that if the public did duced by the engraver at the not buy them when they might, suggestion of the poet, as being they should not when they pleased appropriate to the stormy atmo. He could do generous things, both sphere in the sketch. pecuniarily and otherwise. There

(To be continued.)






The faculty which empowers a man worthily to carry out an established code of policy, to be free from vacillation and stick to honest business, may be below that rare and original wisdom which leads opinion while seeming to follow.it, and leaves its mark upon an age or century. But if the faculty of an administrator who may be relied upon to do his duty within his own groove of circumstance, be deemed mediocre when compared with the mind of an Alexander or Napoleon of intellect, it has at least an eminence of its own. Far as it


be below the genius that seizes upon our imaginations, it is at least by an equal degree above the baseless brilliance that manifests itself at one time by a flash of invective, at another by a fretful personal caprice, and in all its pyrotechny does nothing of substantial value for the world of everyday. The man whose line of action, on any contingency, may be calculated beforehand by any person moderately versed in the algebra of politics, the politician who can do work to order by reason of being free from personal vagaries, fills at least a place in the national economy above that of the merely plausible person, however attractive. For the brilliant surprises of the latter, when placed under the probe of calm, logical analysis, turn out most often to be but coruscations from the dangerous intensity of some personal foible or prejudice.

Granting thus fully the merits of the common sensible man, we cannot yet allow the obviousness of the oft-quoted dictum, that an individual who manages his own affairs well must necessarily be fit to be entrusted with the affairs of the nation. This may easily be reduced to the absurd by assuming that a costermonger whose loud voice and brisk

ensure him a successful trade, would readily fit himself to


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station." cime when

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