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The pact is ineffective as a peace pact even now, else why has it not found a way to terminate our war with Japan? Perhaps it is because the so-called peace-loving nations had to declare war in order to become eligible to participate in the bringing forth of this Charter of Chicanery.

If we cannot find the way to peace with Japan at present—and I am not saying that we can or cannot-surely we should not rush through legislation under the guise of a peace pact or in the middle of a war that has scattered our American boys over half the face of the earth.

When we have peace the boys will want to come home, and when we have peace and have the boys home, it will be time enough then for them to consider which way of life they would rather perpetuate, and they will have seen something of many ways of life and will be well qualified to form their own opinions regarding the future of this Nation, and whether they will choose to continue to be governed by laws of justice as set forth in our present instruments of government, or whether their sons and their sons' sons would have to perpetuate the hate and animosities of, let us say, three greedy old men who would have the power to inflict this on all youth for all time.

Now, gentlemen of the committee, I would like to read a copy of a resolution unanimously passed by our organization, as follows [reading]:

Whereas the document signed by representatives of various nations at the close of the San Francisco Conference creating an international security organization must be presented to the Senate of the United States for ratification and approval before it becomes a part of the law of our land; and

Whereas it is usual and customary for legislative proposals pending in the United States Senate to be considered first in committee before they are debated on the floor of the Senate; and

Whereas the San Francisco Conference document will, in all probability, be referred to the Foreign Relations Committee of the Senate for investigation and consideration and report: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, by the Catholic Mothers and Daughters of America in regular meeting assembleil this 25th day of June 1945 at the Hotel La Salle in Chicano, Ill.;

1. That we call upon the Foreign Relations Committee of the United States Senate to hold an unlimited public hearing on said San Francisco Conference document at which every American citizen desiring to be heard shonld be heard ;

2. That we call upon the Foreign Relations Committee of the United States Senate to arrange for Nation-wide radio coverage for said hearing:

3. That we call upon the Foreign Relations Committee of the United States Senate to limit the proponents and opnonents of said Sin Francisco document in their addresses to the interests of the United States alone;

4. That we call upon the United States Senate in its consideration of and debate on the San Francisco Conference dreument to arrange for Nation-wide radio coverage for said debate; and be it further

Resolved. That we call the attention of our United States Sanators to the fact that we and they are citizens of the United States alone, and not world citizens; that they are servants of the American people alone and that the San Francisco Conference must be accepted or rejected on the grounds

1. That on the whole it bonefits or injures the American people directly in its operation and not indirectly and as a result of some general world good or evil; and

2. That in principle and in operation it follows or repudiates our American Declaration of Independence. Respectfully submitted.

CATHOLIC MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS OF AMERICA, Inasmuch as Bretton Woods is not a separate thing to be reckoned with, in that it is part of the latest superstate that is to be erected, therefore, honorable gentlemen, we wish to record with you another

resolution unanimously adopted by our organization, as follows [reading]:

Whereas there is now pending in the United States Senate legislation known as the Bretton Woods proposals; and

Whereas the Bretton Woods proposals are part of a general scheme to tie the people of the United States and their wealth into an imperialistic worldgoverning organization outlined in the Dumbarton Oaks proposals now being considered in the God-ignoring San Francisco Conference; and

Whereas the main nations involved in the Bretton Woods proposals, other than the United States, have records of debt-defaulting and broken promises, which in the ordinary course of business dealing would deprive them of any consideration in anplications for loans or the extension of credit; and

Whereas the Bretton Woods proposals, instead of securing “the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity," as provided by the Constitution of the United States, actually enslaves our people to old world imperialism from which our Declaration of Independence recorded our freedom; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Catholic Mothers and Daughters of America

1. That we denounce the Bretton Woods proposals as being not only unAmerican, but anti-American;

2. That we denounce the Bretton Woods proposals as being an immoral waste of the wealth and the earnings of the American people;

3. That we denounce the proposers of the Bretton Woods proposals as being, in our opinion, enemies of our Republic and advocates of America last;

4. That we call upon all God-loving people interested in the preservation of the only God-based government in the world and interested in the preservation and use of our wealth and earnings of our people for the benefit of our people first, to demand that their representatives in the United States Senate defeat ignominiously and deservedly those infamous Bretton Woods proposals.

In conclusion, gentlemen, deep rooted in experience that still continues to manifest its superiority, we of our organization feel that we have something fine and something wholesome to pass on to the rest of the world—and we do mean pass on” to it, and not press on to it-our American Declaration of Independence, the most splendid document ever conceived by the minds of men, and the Constitution of the United States, an instrument of government by laws rather than by men.

We beg of you, gentlemen, to stand by your oaths to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, and to perpetuate our form of government in our country and to aid and abet for our good example the possibility that this same form of government will be freely chosen by free peoples all over the world.

Let us consider the great works of Abraham Lincoln, when he said:

Continue to execute all the expressed provisions of our national federalized Constitution and the Union will endure forever, it being impossible to destroy it except by some action not provided for in the instrument itself.

That is Abraham Lincoln. [Applause.]

The CHAIRMAN. We warned the audience two or three times that they are not supposed to show approval or disapproval of a witness' testimony. I hope you will observe that admonition in the future.

We thank you, Mrs. Caferatta, for your statement.


MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS OF AMERICA, CHICAGO, ILL. Miss KEEFE. Mr. Chairman and members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, first, I wish to thank you for this opportunity

to be heard by your committee. Perhaps, gentlemen, you can appreciate our delay in appearing when I tell you that it was only late

Tuesday afternoon that we were notified that we might be heard. We had received no answer to our first request to be heard, and it was only after wiring again that we received, late Tuesday afternoon, this summons. To come from Chicago on such short notice necessitated much haste in our arrangements. I hope the Senators will bear with any shortcomings in my presentation, remembering the hurry and difficulty of travel these days, which leads up to the question of why such haste accompanies the whole proceedings in connection with the consideration of the United Nations Charter. Surely a document of such far-reaching consequences is entitled to calm, deliberate consideration on the part of both the people and the people’s representatives.

My purpose in coming before you was originally to tell you of the many objections that our organization has to the Charter. Since coming to Washington, however, I have discovered that there is a group bound and determined that the Charter must pass, no matter what the sentiment of the country against it may be. That group is our Senate. Even those Members who would normally vote against any plan so unconstitutional and so filled with hypocrisy and duplicity are now simply apathetic, look mournfully at the floor when questioned and mutter, “What must be must be.”

We, and they, the Members of Congress, apparently have been made insensate to normal ways of thinking concerning right and wrong by the propaganda of the radio, certain newspaper publicity, and the force of various pressure groups. Have we reached that point in this country where a representative of the people thinks of his job first and principle secondly? If so, gentlemen, we are on the road to ruin, Charter or no Charter.

My appeal to you today is specifically directed to those Senators who would vote against this bill if they followed conscience exclusively. I entreat you to become a band of willful men, yes, willful you would be called, all right, but don't be afraid of words. Be willful in a steadfast reliance on truth and in the earnestness of your convictions. Christ was willful when he drove the money changers out of the temple.

We maintain that this plan is definitely unconstitutional, that it is a scheme for future war, not peace, that it is just a variation of the old balance of power politics.

Archbishop Muench, of Fargo, N. Dak., warns:

Statesmen always fall if they leave the sure and safe way of principles. The way of expediency is full of dangerous pitfalls in which high and sacred principles vanish to be lost forever. In this Charter we claim high principles have been sacrificed to policies of expediency.

While the manhood of this country is off on foreign shores, fighting even now to maintain the Constitution and all it stands for, this Charter seeks to change completely our governmental structure. According to some recent remarks by Senator Vandenberg in a discussion with Senator Willis before this committee, the corraling of American men to fight anywhere in the world at the decision of one man does not constitute war. Apparently what this Charter and its proponents seek to do is to change in the minds of the American public the conception that a great body of men under arms sent into conflict is not war but peace.


Yes; we are going to wage peace. They know that the American people could not be led into another war, after the terrible suffering and destruction of this one, so they are going to call it peace. But I would appeal to your intelligence and ask if such action would in fact not create peace and harmony but only an armed truce?

This is quite plainly a policy of intimidation and fear, since the three or five great powers of the Security Council will brook no interference from weaker nations or lesser powers.

In the name of our boys who have been called upon to endure so much, we ask the Senators to delay action on this Charter pending their return. Senator Connally's own resolution promised that action to create an international authority would follow the establishment of a just and honorable peace.

Inasmuch as peace has not been established, are we entitled to go ahead and make plans to maintain a peace that we have not yet achieved ?

To quote one of our Catholic prelates :

Once more deception is being practiced on the common man. It is he who is bleeding and dying on foreign battlefields. It is he whose heart is torn with fear for his beloved ones in far-off lands. It is he who is carrying the burden of suffering and shedding hot tears of anguish during these days of great crisis. It is his peace that is at stake, the peace of the common man.

The people's peace. With thunder in his voice he must reject the statement that the Atlantic Charter is not a document of principles but merely of objectives which perhaps are not attainable within our lifetime.

For how long will people continue to put their trust in promises solemnly made and solemnly promulgated? For how long will they allow themselves to be treated as fools, as though they had no memories and did not remember what was told them in beautiful.language but few short years ago?

Peoples everywhere must shake themselves out of their rose-colored view of a peace-laden future and demand of their leaders that a stop must be put to all policies of might. Such policies will wreck the peace once more as certainly as they have wrecked it in the past.

The bishop concludes:

Warlike measures are not a guaranty of peace. To the followers of Christ comes the grave duty of holding high the lighted torches of principles of justice and charity so that men will not stumble into pitfalls that are being dug along the way to peace.

To sum up our objections to the ratification of this Charter:
It is not being given due consideration.

It is being undertaken in the absence of the millions of our men in our armed forces, while a major war still rages.

The Charter itself clearly violates the Constitution and it is based on the use of armed force which makes it, not a plan for world peace, but a plan to perpetuate wars. Even now bills for peacetime military conscription indicate how much hope it holds out for peace. In this connection I wish to includes the resolution adopted by the Catholic Mothers and Daughters of America, which reads:

Whereas there is now a strong movement to promote permanent universal military conscription; and

Where's this proposed conscription comes at a time when Communists are permitted to become commissioned officers in the armed forces of the United States of America ; and

Whereas the opportunity to subject American youth to the propaganda of officers who would be quick to make application for service in these conscription camps; and

Whereas universal military conscription subjects youth in its formative period to un-American domination by military decree and would, therefore, give to our youth the un-American idea that men representing government are the bosses and directors, instead of what they actually are—the paid servants of the people: Therefore, be it

Resolved by the Catholic Mothers and Daughters of America in meeting assembled, That we record our unalterable opposition to universal military conscription and we denounce it as un-American and an opportunity for education to communism.

In conclusion I would remind the Senators of what John Winant, the American Ambassador to Great Britain, speaking of the Versailles Treaty, had to say:

They forgot the women and the young people and in so doing they forgot the source of life and the only sure link with the future.

Again, this Charter, the children, the young people, and the women are forgotten and the world again faces a fearful future and futility.

Youth and women were not properly represented at the Conference; they are not considered in the plan, except collectively, as conscripted armies, and the mothers, sisters, and wives of conscripted armies. We young women who grew up under the shadow of depression and war are shocked to read almost daily reports of the moral degredation that exists in the armed forces.

Must we perpetuate this by having conscripted armies stationed all over the world-and our men becoming incapable of leading normal family lives? Are they to know more about camp followers than their mothers, sisters, sweethearts, and wives? We don't want them all over the world. We would rather have them here defending our right to happiness after this war is over-give us a chance this time.

The CHAIRMAN. We thank you for your statement.

At this point I would like to put into the record some telegrams and letters in opposition to the Charter.

(The telegrams and letters referred to and submitted by the chairman are as follows:)

CLEVELAND, OHIO, July 11, 1945. Senator Tom CONNALLY, Foreign Relations Commitee,

Washington, D. C.: America's self-preservation and vital national interests demand defeat of United Nations Charter, an unconstitutional subversive scheme planned years ago by Rhodes and Carnegie interests to eventually restore America as a British colony and to commit America to involuntary participation in Britain's future wars by empowering a nonelected and former Morgan Co. associate with dictatorial authority. God forbid Senators repeating past dangerous mistakes.

MICHAEL G. KELLY, Coordinator, National Coalition Committeemen.


Chairman, Foreign Affairs, Washington, D. C. SIR: Am opposed to the San Francisco Conference in its entirety for the American reason that it is a plot by the well-organized international Judaics to do away with our Constitution and our American independence by taking us into a world government.


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