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Field Offices Small Business Administration Continued
(RO: Regional Office; DO: District Office; BO: Branch Office; POD: Post of Duty)



Officer in Charge


Melville, NY (BO)
New York, NY (DO)
Newark, NJ (DO)
Rochester, NY (BO)
St. Croix, VI (POD)
St. Thomas, VI (POD)

Syracuse, NY (DO)

516-4540750 212-2642454 201-645-2434 716-263-6700 809-778-5380 809-7748530 315448 0414 610-962-3700

Baltimore, MD (DO)


Charleston, WV (BO)
Clarksburg, WV (DO)
Harnsburg. PA (BO)
King of Prussia, PA (DO)
Pittsburgh, PA (DO)
Richmond, VA (DO)
Washington, DC (DO)
Wilkes-Barre, PA (BO)

304 347-5220 304-623-5631 717-782-3840 610-962-3800 412-6442780 804-771-2400 202-606-4000 717-826-6497

Wilmington, DE (BO)

Atlanta, GA (DO)
Birmingham, AL (DO)
Charlotte, NC (DO)

302-573-6294 404 347–4999 404 347-4749 205-731-1344 704 344-6563

Columbia, SC (DO)
Coral Gables, FL (DO)

803-765-5376 305-536-5521

Gulfport, MS (BO)
Jackson, MS (DO)
Jacksonville, FL (DO)

601-863-4449 601-96544378 904443-1900

Louisville, KY (DO)

Nashville, TN (DO) CHICAGO, IL (RO)

502-582-5971 615-736-5881 312-353_0357

Suite 207W, 35 Pinelawn Rd., 11747 Bert Haggerty
Rm. 3100, 26 Federal Plz., 10278

Aubrey A. Rogers
4th Fl., 2 Gateway Center, 07102

Francisco Marrero
Rm. 410. 100 State St., 14614

Peter Flihan
Suite 165, 3013 Golden Rock, 00820 Carl Christensen
3800 Crown Bay, 00802

Rm. 1071, 100 S. Clinton St., 13260 B.J. Paprocki
Suite 201, 475 Allendale Rd., King of Susan M. McCann

Prussia, 19406.
Suite 6220, 10 S. Howard St., 21201- (Vacancy)

Rm. 309, 550 Eagan St., 25301

Bill Durham
5th Fl., 168 W. Main St., 26301

Gregory Walter
Rm. 309. 100 Chestnut St., 17101

Suite 201, 475 Allendale Rd., 19406 Clifton Toulson, Jr.
5th Fl., 960 Penn Ave., 15222

Althier Jones
Suite 200, 1504 Santa Rosa Rd., 23229 Charles J. Gaston
1110 Vermont Ave. NW., 20005

Wilfredo Gonzalez
Rm. 2327. 20 N. Pennsylvania Ave., (Vacancy)

Suite 610, 824 N. Market St., 19801-3011 (Vacancy)
Suite 496, S. Tower, 303092482

Billy M. Paul
6th Fl., 1720 Peachtree Rd. NW., 30309 Laura Brown
Suite 200, 2121 8th Ave. N., 35203–2398 James C. Barksdale
Suite A2015, 200 N. College St., 28202- Gary Cook

Rm. 358, 1835 Assembly St., 29201 Elliott Cooper
Suite 501, 1320 S. Dixie Hwy., 33146 Charles Anderson

Suite 1001, 1 Hancock Plz., 39501-7758 Charles Gillis
Suite 400, 101 W. Capitol St., 39201 Janita Stewart
Suite 100-8, 7825 Baymeadows Way, Thomas Short

Rm. 188, 600 Dr. M.L. King, Jr. Pl., 40202 William Federholer
Suite 201, 50 Vantage Way, 37228-1500 Dratin Hill
Rm. 1975, 300 S. Riverside Plz., 60606- Peter Barca

Rm. 1250, 500 W. Madison St., 60661- John L. Smith

Suite 870, 525 Vine St., 45202

Ronald Carlson
Suite 630, 1111 Superior Ave., 44194 Gilbert Goldberg

Suite 1400, 2 Nationwide Plz., 43215- Frank D. Ray

Rm. 515, 477 Michigan Ave., 48226 Dwight Reynolds
Suite 100, 429 N. Pennsylvania, 46204 Janice Wolle

Rm. 213, 212 E. Washington Ave., 53703 Curtis A. Charter
Suite 11, 228 W. Washington, 49685 Paul Jacobson
Suite 400, 310 W. Wisconsin Ave., 53203 Michael Kiser
Suite 610, 100 N. 6th St., 55403-1563 Edward A. Daum
Suite 302, 511 W. Capitol Ave., 62704 D.J. Brookhart
Suite 108, 4300 Amon Carter Blvd., James W. Breedlove

Suite 320, 625 Silver Ave. SW., 87102 ..... Tommy W. Dowell
Suite 1200, 606 N. Carancahua, 78476 .... (Vacancy)
Suite 320, 10737 Gateway W., 79935 Carlos Mendoza
Suite 114, 4300 Amon Carter Blvd., James S. Reed

Rm. 500, 222 E. Van Buren St., 78550- Miguel Cavazos

Suite 550, 9301 Southwest Fwy., 77074 Milton Wilson

Suite 100, 2120 Riverfront Dr., 72202 Joseph Foglia
Suite 200, 1611 10th St., 79401

Suite 2250, 365 Canal St., 70130

Abby Carter
Suite 1300, 210 Park Ave., 73102

Ray Harshman
Rm. A-527, 727 Durango Blvd., 78206 Rodney Martin

Suite 307, 323 W. 8th St., 64105-1500 Bruce W. Kent
Suite 200, 215 4th Ave. SE., 52401-1806 James Thomson
Rm. 749, 210 Walnut St., 50309-2186 Conrad E. Lawlor
Suite 501, 323 W. 8th St., 64105

Dorothy Kleeschulte

Chicago, IL (DO)


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Field Offices Small Business Administration Continued
(RO: Regional Office; DO: District Office; BO: Branch Office; POD: Post of Duty)



Officer in Charge


Omaha, NE (DO)
Springfield, MO (BO)

402-221-4691 417-864–7670

St. Louis, MO (DO)

Wichita, KS (DO)
Casper. WY (DO)
Denver, CO (DO)
Fargo, ND (DO)
Helena, MT (DO)
Salt Lake City, UT (10)
Sioux Falls, SD (DO)

314-539-6600 316-269-6616 303-844-0500 307-261-6500 303-844-3984 701-239-5131 406441-1081 801-524-5804 605-330–4231

Agana, GU (BO)

415-975-4859 671-472-7277

Fresno, CA (DO)


Glendale, CA (DO)

11145 Mill Valley Rd., 68154

Glenn Davis
Suite 110, 620 S. Glenstone St., 65802– (Vacancy)

Rm. 242, 815 Olive St., 63101

Robert L. Andrews
Suite 510, 100 E. English St., 67202 Elizabeth Auer
Suite 400, 721 19th St., 80202-2599 Thomas J. Redder
Rm. 4001, 100 E. B St., 82602-2839 James Gallogly
Suite 426, 721 19th St., 80202-2599 Antonio Valdez
Rm. 219, 657 2d Ave. N., 58108-3086 James L. Stai
Rm. 334, 301 S. Park, 59626

Jo Alice Mospan
Rm. 2237, 125 S. State St., 84138–1195 Stan Nakano
Suite 200, 110 S. Phillips Ave., 57102– Gene Van Arsdale

20th Fl., 71 Stevenson St., 94105–2939 ... Viola Canales
Rm. 508, 238 Archbishop F.C. Flores St., Kenneth Lujan

Suite 107, 2719 N. Air Fresno Dr., 93727- Peter Bergin

Suite 1200, 330 N. Brand Blvd., 91203– Alberto Alvarado

Rm. 2314, 300 Ala Moana Blvd., 96850 Andrew Poepoe

Rm. 301, 301 E. Stewart St., 89101

John Scott
Suite 800, 2828 N. Central Ave., 85004 James P. Guyer

Rm. 215, 660 J St., 95814-2413

Roberta L. Conner
Suite 550, 550 W. C St., 921883540 George P. Chandler, Jr.
4th Fl., 211 Main St., 94105–1988

Mark Quinn
Suite 700, 200 W. Santa Ana Blvd., Sandra Sutton

Suite 1805, 1200 6th Ave., 98101-1128 ... Gretchen Sorensen
Rm. A36, 222 W. 8th Ave., 99513–7559 Frank Cox
Suite 290, 1020 Main St., 83702–5745 Thomas Bergdoll
Suite 500, 222 SW. Columbia, 97201- John L. Gilman

Suite 1700, 1200 6th Ave., 98101-1128 Robert P. Meredith
10th Fl., W. 601 1st Ave., 99204-0317 Robert Wiebe


Honolulu, HI (DO)


Las Vegas, NV (DO)
Phoenix, AZ (DO) ..............

702-388-6611 602-640-2316

Sacramento, CA (DO)
San Diego, CA (DO)
San Francisco, CA (DO)
Santa Ana, CA (DO)

916-498-6410 619-557-7252 415-744-6820 714550-7420

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617-565-8415 212-264-1450 610-962-3710

Boston, MA (Suite 812, 10 Causeway St., 02110)

Patrick K. McGowan New York, NY (Rm. 31-08, 26 Federal Piz., 10278)

Thomas M. Bettridge Philadelphia, PA (Suite 201, 475 Allendale Rd., King of Prussia, PA Susan M. McCann

19406. Atlanta, GA (Suite 496, 1720 Peachtree Rd. NW., 30309)

Billy M. Paul
Chicago, IL (Rm, 1975, 300 S. Riverside Plz., 60606-6611)

Peter Barca
Fort Worth, TX (Suite 108, 4300 Amon Carter Blvd., Ft. Worth, 76155) James W. Breedlove
Kansas City, MO (13th Fl., 911 Walnut St., 64106)

Bruce W. Kent
Denver, CO (Suite 400, 721 19th St., 80202-2599)

Thomas J. Redder San Francisco, CA (20th Fl., 71 Stevenson St., 94105–2939)

Viola Canales Seattle, WA (Park Pl. Bldg., S-1805, 1200 6th Ave., 98101-1128) Gretchen Sorensen

404347-4999 312-353-0357 817-885-6581 816-374-6380 303844–0500 415-9754804 206-553-0291

Sources of Information

General Information Contact the
nearest Small Business Administration
field office listed above, or call the SBA
answer desk. Phone, 800-8-ASK-SBA.
Fax, 202–205–7064. TDD, 704–344-
SBA Online The Administration's
electronic bulletin board can be
accessed by modem 800-697-4636
(limited access), 900_463-4636 (full
access), or 202-401-9600 (in the
Washington, DC metropolitan area).
Internet Information on the Small
Business Administration is available on

the Internet. Internet, http:// www.sbaonline.sba.gov/. Gopher, gopher://gopher.sbaonline.sba.gov. FTP, ftp://ftp.sbaonline.sba.gov. Telnet, sbaonline.sba.gov.

Access the U.S. Business Advisor at http://www.business.gov/. Publications A free copy of The Resource Directory for Small Business Management, a listing of for-sale publications and videotapes, is available from any local SBA office or the SBA answer desk.

For further information, contact the Office of Public Communications, Marketing and Customer Service, Small Business Administration, 409 Third Street SW., Washington, DC 20416. Phone, 202-205-6740.

6401 Security Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21235
Phone, 410-965-1234

Commissioner of Social Security
Principal Deputy Commissioner
Chief of Staff
Chief Actuary
General Counsel
Inspector General
Deputy Commissioner for Communications
Deputy Commissioner for Finance, Assessment,

and Management/Chief Financial Officer Deputy Commissioner for Human Resources Deputy Commissioner for Legislation and

Congressional Affairs
Deputy Commissioner for Operations
Deputy Commissioner for Programs and Policy
Deputy Commissioner for Systems

JOHN R. DYER, Acting



(For the Social Security Administration statement of organization, see the Code of Federal Regulations, Title O, Part 422)

The Social Security Administration manages the Nation's social insurance program, consisting of retirement, survivors, and disability insurance programs, commonly known as Social Security. It also administers the Supplemental Security Income program for the aged, blind, and disabled. The Administration is responsible for studying the problems of poverty and economic insecurity among Americans and making recommendations on effective methods for solving these problems through social insurance. The Administration also assigns Social Security numbers to U.S.

citizens and maintains earnings records for workers under their Social Security numbers.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) Health Care Financing Administration,
was established by Reorganization Plan Department of Health and Human
No. 2 of 1946 (5 U.S.C. app.), effective Services, the Social Security
July 16, 1946. It became an independent Administration provides Medicare
agency in the executive branch by the assistance to the public through SSA
Social Security Independence and district offices and processing centers,
Program Improvements Act of 1994 (42 and adjudicates requests for hearings
U.S.C. 901), effective March 31, 1995. and appeals of Medicare claims.
The Administration is headed by a

Black Lung By agreement with the
Commissioner, appointed by the
President with the advice and consent of

Department of Labor, SSA is involved in

certain aspects of the administration of the Senate.

the black lung benefits provisions of the In administering the programs

Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act necessary to carry out the agency's

of 1969, as amended (30 U.S.C. 901). mission, by law the Commissioner is

Regional Offices Social Security assisted by a Deputy Commissioner, who

Administration operations are performs duties assigned or delegated by

decentralized to provide services at the the Commissioner; a Chief Financial

local level. Each of the SSA 10 regions, Officer; a General Counsel; a Chief

under the overall direction of its Actuary; and an Inspector General.

Regional Commissioner, contains a Programs and Activities

network of district offices, branch offices,

and teleservice centers, which serve as Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability The the contact between SSA and the public. agency administers these social

The Administration operates 1,292 insurance programs, which provide district and branch offices, 38 teleservice monthly benefits to retired and disabled

centers, and 6 program service centers. workers, their spouses and children, and

These installations are responsible for: to survivors of insured workers.

-informing the public of the purposes Financing is under a system of

and provisions of Social Security contributory social insurance, whereby

programs and their rights and employees, employers, and the selfemployed pay contributions that are

responsibilities; pooled in special trust funds. When -assisting with claims filed for earnings stop or are reduced because the retirement, survivors, disability, or health worker retires, dies, or becomes

insurance benefits, black lung benefits, disabled, monthly cash benefits are paid

or Supplemental Security Income; to partially replace the earnings the

- developing and adjudicating claims; family has lost.

-assisting certain beneficiaries in Supplemental Security Income The

claiming reimbursement for medical agency administers this needs-based

expenses; program for the aged, blind, and

- developing cases involving earnings disabled. A basic Federal monthly

records, coverage, and fraud-related payment is financed out of general

questions; revenue, rather than a special trust fund. Some States, choosing to provide

-making rehabilitation service

referrals; and payments to supplement the benefits, have agreements with the Administration -assisting claimants in filing appeals under which it administers the

on SSA determinations of benefit supplemental payments for those States.

entitlement or amount. Medicare While the administration of

For further information, contact the Social Security Medicare is the responsibility of the Administration. Phone, 800-772-1213 (toll-free).

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