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No day for me has half the charms,
So free from care and wild alarms,

As this—the welcome one.
For me no day so full of joy,
Of sweet content without alloy,

As this the hallowed one.
No day so rich in peaceful rest,
So fairly clad, so purely drest,

As this—the welcome one.
A robe of righteousness thou hast,
To clothe the future, as the past,

E'en thou— the hallowed one.
Lull'd to sweet rest the cattle seem
In quiet peacefulness to dream,

On this—the welcome one.
As if, to them, there ne'er arose
A day so full of soft repose

As this the hallowed one.
For man thou'rt made in earliest days,
Who in return observance pays,

Tow'rds thee,—the welcome one.
Leaves busy cares of wealth and power,
To enjoy the calm and sacred hour

With thee—the hallowed one.
The tuneful bell, with solemn call,
More deeply sounds and musical

On this—the welcome one.
Inviting sinners to their God,
To hymn his praise, his mercy laud

On this—the hallowed one.
Ah! well it is, that we should rest,
On this the holiest and the best,

On this—the welcome one.
The day alone of all the seven,
We take from earth to give to heaven,

E'en this—the hallowed one.
Creation's Lord, his fiat past,
As pausing from his labour vast,

On this the welcome one,
Commanded frail and erring man,
His sins confess, his motives scan,

On this—the hallowed one.
Let one and all, on earth below,
Before his footstool humbly bow,

On this—the welcome one.
Before the throne, repentance bring,
And thankfulness and praises sing,
On this - the hallowed one.


CHURCH SOCIETIES. S. P. C. K.- Abstract of the Report of the incumbent and curate, as well as

the St. Andrew's Branch of the So- that of the visitors, on the reverse side. ciety for Promoting Christian Know- In addition to this, the visitors have ledge, Manchester, during the first cards for collecting contributions either six months of its establishment. towards the Society for Promoting

Christian Knowledge, or the more local This Society was formed under the

purposes of the society, and also a book auspices of the Manchester and Salford on the plan of a speculum gregis (lookSociety for Promoting Christian Know- ing glass of the flock), for the purpose ledge, and the control of the Incum- of ascertaining, as minutely as may be, bent. The several resolutions on this the occupation, family, religious prooccasion were moved by the Reverends, fession, and condition of the parties the incumbent and curate, H. Field- included in their round of visitation, ing, vicar of the parish, R. C. Clifton, and also from month to month or oftclerk in orders of the parish, and ener, they are supplied with tracts for secretary of S.P.C.K., W. Hutchinson, gratuitous distribution. The duties of Newton Heath, T. Corser, Stand, the visitors when thus equipped are, Messrs. George Peel, John Potter, &c. in the first instance, to make them&c. The following was the compo- selves acquainted with each family in sition of the local

the district, offering to leave the tracts SUB-COMMITTEE.

at the house regularly; to call week Chairman and Treasurer-Rev.Geo. by week for their deposits, if they Dugard, M.A.

should wish to possess themselves of Sub-Chairman and Secretary-Rev. Bibles, Prayer-books, or any other of Alexander Watson, B.A.

the publications of the society, and to The Church wardens, pro. tem. direct the attention of the clergy to Mr. J. Potter,

Mr. G. Peel, any cases where their spiritual interMr. Wright,

Mr. Batt, ference might reasonably be expected Mr. Carr,

Mr. Nell,

to prove of service. Thus every house Mr. Longlin,

Mr. Denby. is visited once at least in every month, With power to add to their number. and all depositors are called upon once

“ At a meeting subsequently held a week. On the first Monday in every at the school-room, several ladies and month, the visitors meet the clergy and gentlemen gave in their names as committee, and pay in all their receipts visitors. Following high example, these during the month, distinguishing beare sent out two and two together. A tween deposits and contributions. Their map of the district has been provided, amounts are received by the treasurer, and the district has been sectionized and entered in a book kept for the into portions of about 170 houses each, purpose, an acknowledgment being on an average, and to each such sec- made of his having received them in a tion two visitors are, or are to be, small book, kept by the visitors. The appointed, furnished with a specimen treasurer settles with the district society card of the types of the society's bibles once a quarter. If, as is often found and prayer books, mounted on cloth, to be the case, those who wish to supand a catalogue of the society's publi- ply themselves with a Bible or Prayercations; a book and a number of cards book, cannot make their selection, as for collecting deposits ; the book being to size and price, from the printed kept in their own possession, and one specimen card, a copy of each priced of the cards being given to each de- book is kept at the school-room, and can positor, as a receipt for his payments; be examined by the depositors, with an this card having, for the better confi- order from their visitor; and when any dence of the depositor, the addresses of party has paid up the requisite amount,

ing the

the visitors make application to the ation, should put them forth en masse, chairman, who gives them an order without a hint or two as to the lesson upon the society's agent, at the depo- they seem to convey. And first, the sitory, who has instructions to honour practical experience afforded by this the cheque, giving with each Bible society is calculated to establish two Patterson's Plain Account of the most essential propositions :- 1. That Bible ;" and with each Prayer-book, there is a way in which the laity may Directions for Devout Behaviour in bear an efficient part in prea Church." The pecuniary business gospel, and yet not infringe on the is generally concluded before eight functions of the commissioned officers o'clock, when the poor of the district of the ministry of reconciliation. generally are invited to attend, and 2. That it is unfair and illogical, if are addressed on such subjects as it not wicked, to affirm, that altered cirmay be hoped will tend to their profit. cumstances of human society render The ineetings are opened with prayer,

inefficient the divinely constituted maand closed with a benediction. The chinery of the church of Christ. tracts above alluded to are drawn up “And beyond this, they suggest to by the incumbent and curate. Those the mind of the thoughtful and humble under the title of ANCOAT'S TRACTS Christian, these two important que, being entirely collections from the ries :- 1. Are the disciples of the Lord Bible, the Prayer-book, and the ap- Jesus Christ justified in forming socieproved writers of antiquity, and other ties for christian purposes, on any other eminent sons of the church, whom models than that of Christ's own socitheir descendants and brethren love to ety, till all her energies have been put honour; together with such passages forth and found wanting? And 2. Have from other writers as coincide with the all these energies ever been fairly put doctrines of Holy Scripture and the forth; or even when to human apteaching of the church. The other pearance they may seem to have been tracts, under the title SOMETHING FOR evoked and put in action, is a finite Every Body, consist of original matter, being like ınan competent to decide to meet particular cares, for which it whether they have answered the inis not so easy to find quotations ready scrutable purposes, hidden in the secret to our hands. There are about forty counsels of the infinite Jehovah ? visitors engaged, but all of these are “ The course of the Christian, we not yet in full occupation. The fol- are told, is to be fashioned according lowing, however, is a tabular result of to the dictates of faith—not marked the labours of those who have entered out by sight. . 'We walk by faith, not on their duties :

by sight," saith an inspired Apostle, No. of houses in course of

and surely it is an abandonment of visitation

2385 this maxim to presume to think that Tracts distributed by per

the stern, unbending principles which sonal visitation . 18,622 the Most High has decreed, must be

Bibles. Test. Prayers. surrendered, because human policy No. of depositors 152 30 81 fancies it can devise an easier and No. who have

more amicable method of advancing a been supplied 49 20 73 religion, which was to bring not peace

8. d. but a sword. Let us, then, of this soAmount of deposits 37 10 24 ciety be thankful, that pious churchAmount of books supplied 21 5 73 men of a former day have framed for Amount of subscriptions . 7 5 0 the times which were to follow them Donations

14 6 9 a society warmed into existence so No. of contributors, upwards of 400. entirely under the church's wing; that

“Such are the chief details which leaving indelible marks of its parentthe operations of this society seem to age, to be members of it requires to render it advisable to introduce to adhesion to the same, and none other, public notice; but it will hardly be principles than those which the church fair that those who have had them has decided, to embody the truth as it gradually subjected to their consider- is in Jesus, and that then in carrying

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Nov. 1839.



out its requirements, we may be jeal- can be put forth in this matter only, ous, and yet not want knowledge; be by the Society for Promoting Christian firm and uncompromising, and yet not Knowledge." lack charity! Truly, the members of the Anglican branch of Christ's Church

Society for the Propagation of the may praise and bless God, for allow

Gospel in Foreign Parts. ing the formation of the Society FOR PROMOTING CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE,a society which, aspiring only to be the The Rev. W. West Simpson, who handmaid of the church, will ipso facto had been ordained by the Bishop of cease, when it shall have provoked

London on the preceding Sunday, Christians to such zeal for their holy sailed on the 26th October for Sydney, mother, as shall, for the bridegroom's having received from the Government, sake, secure for the spouse of Christ on the recommendation of the Society, her full dowry- the faithful allegiance an appointment as Australian Chaplain. of her adopted children!

“ Nor can even a moment's atten- The Rev. John F. Churton, aption to the statistical returns this report pointed Chaplain to the Settlers, who furnishes, fail to remind those who are proceeding to New Zealand, has wait for the coming of their Lord, taken his passage by the Bolton, which that his promise to be "80 always was to leave the river this morning. unto the end of the world," was vouch- He has received from the Christian sated to теп, ,

and not to books." Knowledge Society a handsome Bible It will be seen that in one district, and Prayer Book, for the use of his 231 of the 264 houses are furnished church ; and books to the value of 501. with Bibles, and yet, alas! the po- for the poorer part of his congregation. pulation thus blessed with the pos- The Rev. W. Selwyn has given 101 session of the Word of life, are fear- acres of land for a glebe, and a lady fully deficient in the bearing of those has presented a handsome communion fruits by which our Saviour has said service. his disciples are to be known. Is there not, verily, a lack of those privileged Mr. T. Saulez, appointed a catechist and commissioned guides, who are (it for this island, sailed from Liverpool is under God) to induce the people to on Tuesday last, the 5th November. HEAR WHAT SAITH THE LORD. Let it

The Bishop of Montreal has recently be then our constant prayer, that the sent home a list of eighteen new stations Lord would send forth more labourers in his diocese (Lower Canada,) at which into his vineyard; while assured that the services of Clergymen are urgently labourers only will not secure a plen- required. tiful harvest, let us, by all useful “ To the Secretary of the Society. means, diligently sow the seed of the

Marton, Bridlington, Yorkshire, Oct 2, 1839. Word, that when they shall put in the “ REVEREND Sır, — Having now the sickle, the sheaves may be abund- completed my visit to the East and ant, and the ears well filled.

North Ridings of Yorkshire, I am in “ In concluding this report, then, it a condition to state to the Society for can only be necessary to add, that the the Propagation of the Gospel, how Society for Promoting Christian Know- far it has pleased God to prosper the ledge was the first MissionARY So- work which has been entrusted to my CIETY, home and FOREIGN, the first hands. It would be improper not to BIBLE SOCIETY, the first Prayer Book mention, that the Society has not that Society, the first Society for the

measure of support in Yorkshire, which EDUCATION of the Poor, and the first might be anticipated from the wealth Tract Society; and surely if pre- and extent of the county. eminent diligence in the cause of the “ But I would not be supposed to truth of God, constitute a claim on address the Society in the language of thes ons of the church of God, then discouragement. Far from it. I have such a claim is put forth for support found on the contrary many new supand co-operation by this society, as porters, as well as many old and at


tached friends; and I doubt not that “ The next station was Whitby. the zeal of both will be quickened by To those who know how ill this place the partial discouragements which I is itself supplied with church-room, have met with. I have mentioned the

it would not be surprising if the extenEast and North Ridings as my prin- sion of the Gospel abroad had not cipal sphere, but the first place which found many supporters there. I am I visited for the Society was in the happy, however, after preaching upon West Riding-the town of Doncaster. the subject on Sunday, Sept. 8th., to Two very numerous meetings were have established a District Committee, held there on the morning and evening at a meeting held on the following of the 3d of September. On the pre- evening. A few permanent subscriceding Sunday, I had preached twice bers enrolled their names on the occain the town, as well as to a numerous sion, and in Charles Saunders, Esq., congregation in the ancient village who undertook the office of Treasurer, church at Campsall. The collection the Society will, I doubt not, have an in the town was divided between the active advocate. Incorporated Society and the Church " At Redcar, to which I next proMissionary Society. Including col- ceeded, a District Committee was lections in some adjoining villages, formed for that place and the adjoining and at the anniversary meeting at villages. The Rev. James Holme, Armthorpe, on the evening of the 2d vicar of Kirkleatham, became Treaof September, the gross amount was surer; and the Rev. Joseph Wilkinson, above 1001. The poor villagers at incumbent of Kedcar, Secretary. Armthorpe were much occupied by “ From Redcar I returned to Thirsk, their harvest, but they displayed as when a meeting was fixed for the 12th deep an interest in the objects of the of September. The attendance was reSociety, as their wealthier neighbours spectable, and a District Committee, at Doncaster. At the morning meeting for which preparations have been made in the latter place, the Archdeacon of during the preceding year, was forYork

gave the Society the great advan- mally completed. In all these places tage of his presence as chairman. In I endeavoured to impress the imporno part of Yorkshire has the system tance of establishing Parochial Comof parochial collections been more mittees upon the clergy who were efficiently carried out than in this

present, and many expressed themneighbourhood, and should the same selves satisfied of the expediency of exertions be made in other places, the a step, which will, I am satisfied, income of the Society will be im- prove as conducive to the efficiency of mensely increased.

the church at home, as it is essential “ From Doncaster I proceeded to to its extension in the colonies. Malton, where great efforts have been “ Circumstances prevented the posmade to keep up the spirit which was sibility of a meeting in behalf of the produced by a visit from the Secretary Society's designs at York, and I thereof the Society last year. The Society is fore gladly availed myself of an opespecially indebted to the exertions of

portunity of preaching on the folthe Rev.W. Walker, Secretary to the lowing Sunday, in that metropolis of District Committee, as well as to the the North, where a course of lectures, Ven. Archdeacon Todd,who presided at recently delivered by the Rev. T. the numerous and respectable meeting Myers, on the Ancient History of the which was held on the 6th September, Saxon Church, afforded an appropriate in the town of Malton. The Rev. introduction to the operations of an Dr. Hook, vicar of Leeds, lent his very institution, which is endeavouring to valuable support, as well at the meeting establish pure and primitive Christianas by an able sermon preached in the ity in other countries. morning of the same day at the parish “ The villages of Thorpe, Areh, church. The audience was composed and Boston, about twelve miles from of the first families in the neighbour York, are the seat of a very thriving hood, and the sum collected in the District Committee of your Society, at course of thy day exceeded 404. the annual meeting of which I next

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