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eternal glory hereafter,-may we choose the cross and self-denial, and enter in at the straight gate, and walk in the narrow way to eternal life.

We pray for all in affliction, whatever be its cause, whether infirmities of body or of spirit; whether sickness or losses, or death of those dear to them, whether poverty, or pain, or persecution, whether they be tempted by Satan, deceived by man, or cast down in despair by many sins, or burdened in guilt; whether prisoners or captives, strangers or foreigners, friendless or shipwrecked in distant lands. O look upon all in their respective necessities; give them strength and grace suited to them; make all things work together for their good and the good of others, and then give them a happy issue out of all their afflictions.

Bless our own neighbourhood, [our city,] our schools, our communicants, our visiters of the poor, our religious societies, our ministers, and all efforts for the temporal and spiritual good of those who dwell around us. Bless our whole country, and our government in church and state. [Preserve our Protestant constitution, and may it be continued to generations yet to come, even till our Redeemer returns to bless the whole earth.] Hear us for his name's sake. Amen.




O thou, who hast revealed thyself to us as the God of all grace, when from our sins we might justly have expected to have heard of thee only as the God of judgment and of wrath, help us to come unto thee who art waiting to be gracious to those that call upon thee with all confidence of heart.

Glory, glory for ever be to thy holy name. Thou art great above all that is great on earth or in heaven; and good above all that is good in others; and excellent beyond all that is or can be excellent in created beings; for all were formed by thee and for thee, and every good that any other has, or can have, is only thy gift. Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power be to thee who sittest on the throne, and to the Lamb for ever. We praise thee for all that thou art, we magnify thee for all thy glorious perfections, O thou who art the king eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God our Saviour.

Brought in thy love safely to the close of another day, we confess our many sins against thee and against our fellow-creatures, and implore thy free forgiveGive us all to believe in the name of Jesus, and so to be justified from all things through his redemption.


Grant us such a lively sense of our real situation here, that we may duly and constantly feel that time is short, eternity infinitely long, and close at hand; that any moment may transport us into that spiritual and invisible world which is before us, and into the immediate presence of thee our God. Help us never to forget that our life is a vapour that passeth away; that here we have no continuing city, and all our trials are but transient and momentary, and yet that on the right employment of this short moment depends that favourable sentence in the great judgmentday, which fixes our future state, through a neverending eternity. Help us then to flee with all earnestness from the wrath to come. Help us with all firmness and perseverance to lay hold on eternal life. Help us now with all steadfast patience to follow peace and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord. And that we may thus strive, O give us, by thine own Spirit, faith in Jesus, spiritualmindedness, and let us never be weary in well-doing. May that Spirit be in us, an ever-abiding guide and comforter, teacher and sanctifier.

Bless all among whom we dwell, and our relatives every where, and all our friends. Look especially in mercy and love upon the sick and afflicted, and succour the tempted. Regard all in distress of mind, body, or estate. Bless our native land and all its states and territories. Preserve peace among the nations, that the gospel may freely circulate in

all lands. Greatly increase, and multiply, and prosper the efforts of thy servants to spread abroad thy truth on every side.

Prepare thy church for the return and judgment and kingdom of our great Lord and Head, Jesus Christ. May he find a waiting people longing for his appearance, and all ready to meet him, and may an abundant entrance be ministered to us into his everlasting kingdom. O gracious Father, receive and answer these our prayers, not for our worthiness, but for the alone merit of our Lord Jesus Christ.





O Lord Jesus Christ, the true light that, coming into the world, enlighteneth every man; who hast given us thy word to be a light to our feet, and a lamp to our paths, grant that we may take heed to that light by day and by night, and walk in its clear and pure brightness, till we reach our heavenly and eternal home, and rejoice in thy presence for ever.

O thou good and gracious God, who for us gavest up thy only Son Jesus to the cross as the way to the crown, and to be a partaker of sufferings that he might inherit eternal glory, give us grace cheerfully to follow him now; preferring self-denial to self

indulgence, and choosing shame for his name's sake rather than the honour that cometh from man. Oh may we patiently endure trials in his ways, rather than follow the course of this world, however distinguished by outward glories, and carnal gratifications and pleasures; and let us, not follow the multitude still going in the broad road that leads to destruction. Grant that we may not withdraw from thy ways because they are evil spoken of, nor be ashamed of the gospel because it is reproached, but rather may we count the reproach of Christ to be greater riches than all the treasures of this world.

Take from us also all conceit of any goodness or righteousness, wisdom or strength in ourselves. If in any thing we differ from others, all glory altogether be to thee who hast made us to differ, and may we be deeply humbled because thy grace to us has not been far more diligently used to thy glory. Lord, forgive our great unfaithfulness and unprofitableness. We desire only to glory in the Lord Jesus Christ, and to exalt him alone, and we earnestly pray that all our fellow-sinners may be partakers of the benefits which Jesus has bought for us with his blood. O Lord, thou knowest all the secret sins of our hearts, as well as our secret groanings under our corruptions and thirstings after thy grace; break not the bruised reed, quench not the smoking flax, till thou bring forth judgment unto victory. Take away from us pride, vanity, and high-mindedness; remove

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