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CADÉMIE Française, 62

Adelaide, South Australia, 174
Alcock (Sir Rutherford), France, China,

and the Vatican, 617-632
Alcott (Miss), stories of, 516-517
Allen (Grant) on heredity, 351
Allotments, Rural Enclosures and, 811-

America, stability of popular govern-

ment in, 317
– immigration in, 563
Animals, the, of New Guinea, 74-90
- are they Happy ? 255–269
Animals, consciousness in, 352
Apprenticeship, the seven years' system

of, 538-539
Arabi Pasha, a thought-reading séance

with, 875
Arnold-Forster (H. O.), Our Supersti-

tion about Constantinople, 441-452
Arsenic springs, 211
Artisans, effects of machinery on, 532-

— compared with clerks, 540-543
– need of technical education for, 545-

(Bishop), 731
Barnett (Rev. Samuel A.), Distress
in East London, 678-692
Basil (St.), letters of, 227
Beale (Miss), stories of, 519
Belgium, emigration and inmigration

in, 554
Bernard (St.), letters of, 228
Bible, Revision of the, 91-107
Birmingham, 234–251
Birth, before, 340-363
Borthwick (Sir Algernon), The Primrose

League, 33-39
Boycotting, on the Suppression of, 765-

Bramwell (Lord), Marriage with a

Deceased Wife's Sister, 403-415

· Reply to, 667-677
Brassey (Lord), A Flying Visit to the

United States, 901-912
Browne (Miss Phillis), on literature for

girls, 525-526
Bryce (Mr.), his action for libel, 171

Aubrey, his description of Wiltshire, CAMB

Augustine (St.), letters of, 226
Australia, necessity of a navy to, 760–

Austria-Hungary, emigration and immi-

gration in, 554
Austrian Monasteries, a Visit to some,


YAMBRIDGE, antiquity of, 726-727

- history of the University at,
Canada, the Political History of, 14-32
Canada, experience of the protective

system in, 332
Canute, forest laws of, 503
Cape route to India in time of war, 448–




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Capel (Monsignor), a thought-reading Comte's Famous Fallacy, 473-490
séance with, 868–869

Conflict, a suspended, 829-843
Carl (Prince of Sweden and Norway), Conservatives, unwavering opposition
In an Indian Jungle, 194-200

of, to Home Rule, 9-10
Carlill (Briggs), Are Animals Happy? tactics of, to defeat the Irish Bill,

Carlisle (Bishop of), Comte's Famous Constantinople, our Superstition about,
Fallacy, 473-490

Carlisle, the Bishop of, on Comte, 715- Cook (Messrs.) appointment of, as pil-

grim agents for India, 895-896
Carlyle (Thomas), his exhortations to Cooke (C. Kinloch), France and the
the wealthy, 782

New Hebrides, 118-129
Casson (Mr.), a thought-reading séance Europe in the Pacific, 742–761
with, 868-869

Craftsmen, our, 531-552
Cassowaries of New Guinea, 87

Craik (Mrs. D. M.), Merely Players,
Caucus debate, a, in Birmingham, 249–


Crime, detection of, by thought-reading,
Cecil correspondence, the, 230

Chalybeate springs, 207

Crisis, Moral of the late, 305-321
Chamberlain (Joseph), party of, 295–

Cumberland (C. Stuart), A Thought-

Reader's Experier.ces, 867-885
his attitude on the Irish question,

Charity, foolish, 686
Chicago, 907-908

'ALBERTIS (Signor), exploration
China, Modern, 40-50

of New Guinea by, 78-79
France, and the Vatican, 617-632 Dana (Professor), note of, on Mr. Glad-
Church, the, and Parliament, 565–578 stone's statements respecting Genesis
Church endowments, 833-837

and science, 304
Cicero, letters of, 218-220

Deceased Wife's Sister, Marriage with a,
Civil Service, the, as a Profession, 491-


Reply to, 667–677
Classes, the, the Masses, and the Glasses, Deer, Wild Fallow, the Chase of the,

Clerks compared with artisans, 540-548 Democracy, use of coercion by the, 8
Clifford (Professor), his doctrine of British, mischievous influence of, on
mindstuff, 346-347

government, 308-311
Coaling stations, defence of, 287

Devendra N. Das, The Hindu Widow,
Coercion for maintaining the Union, 8

Cole (Sir Henry), exhibition scheme of, Dibdin (Dr. T. F.), his account of Gött-

wic monastery, quoted, 386–387
Colleges, first establishment of, in Eng- | Dicey (Edward), The Union Vote, 1-13
land, 732

The Unionist Campaign, 294-302
Colonies, Naval Defence of the, 284-293 Dickens, as a depicter of disease, 584-
Colonies, sensitiveness to criticism in 586
the, 171

Dillon (Frank), Light and Water-
- mutual jealousies of, 761-762


Commons, enclosure of, 844–850

- (John), The coming Winter in Ire-
its effect on the poor during the land, 609-616
first forty years of George III., 853– Disease in Fiction, 579-591
855 :

Dissenters, relations of the Established
recent legislation concerning, Church with, 839–842

Dissolution, the, and the Country, 139–
Comte, the Bishop of Carlisle on, 715- 148

Distress in East London, 678-692





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Dog, rabies in the, 151–163

Free Trade Argument, Collapse of the,
Doudney (Miss), stories of, 518-519 322-339
Ducis, first performance of his transla- French, increase of the, in Canada, 14
tion of Hamlet,' 805

criminals, examination of, 468–470
Dumas (Alexandre), a thought-reading – novels, 692
séance with, 880–881

Revolution, the, 316
Frewen (Moreton), on the commercial

rivalry of the United States with

Great Britain, 338
EAST LONDON, Distress in, 678- | Friendly societies

, sick statistics of, 259

Froude, Mr., New Zealand and, 171-

Eastern question, the, what it means

for England, 441

our attempt to solve it in 1854, 444
Education in China, 45
Egypt, ancient, letter-writing in, 216-

NYAMBIER Islands, 748


Germany, emigration and immigra-

tion in, 557
Egyptian Divine Myths, 423-440
Election, the general, 294

annexation of New Guinea by, 752
Emigration, statistics of, for the world,

(Emperor of), a thought-reading

séance with, 873
Enclosures and Allotments, Rural, 844-

Ghost story, Pliny's, 222

Gipsies, statistics relating to, 564
English literature, Taine's history of,

Girls, what they read, 515-530

Gladstone (W. E.), his conversion to

Home Rule, 2-3
– the leading language of the globe,

on the dissolution of Parliament, 139
Europe in the Pacific, 742-764

his paper on Genesis and science,

Evening Schools, Recreative, 130-138
Exhibitions, 633-6-17

- his policy defended, 594-595

a thought-reading séance with, 872-
Goodwin (Bishop), see Carlisle, Bishop

NAUCIT (Helen), see Martin, Lady Goschen (Mr.), his defeat at Edinburgh,
Fechter as Hamlet, 806

Félida X., phenomena of multiplex per- Göttwic, visit to the monastery of, 386-
sonality in, 654-655

Fellows (Mrs.), Nova Scotia's Cry for Gourko (General), a thought-reading
Home Rule, 785–794

séance with, 877-878
Fiction, Disease in, 579–591

Gout, spas for, 211
Fitzmaurice (Lord Edmond), Rural definition of, 212

Enclosures and Allotments, 844-866 Grantabrygge, the old name of Cam-
Floubert (Gustave) and George Sand, bridge, 727

Granville (Lord), his comparison of
Fleming (Professor), his description of English and Italian cities, 234

rabies canina, 151-153; of hydropho- Gregory (Sir William H.), The Loyalty
bia, 154–155

of the Indian Mohammedans, 886-900
Florian, St., visit to the monastery of, Grey (Sir George), 179-181

Guardians, boards of, admission of
France and the New Hebrides, 118-129 working men to, 691

China, and the Vatican, 617-632 - effects of the presence of women in,
France, Taine's work on, 64–70

- impuigration and emigration in, 559- Guibord interment dispute in Canada,


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Guinea, New, the Animals of, 74-90
Guinea, New, the German occupation

of, 752

Ireland, the Tory proposal of imperial

loans to, 506
Irish Bill, Tory tactics on the, 596
Italy, emigration and immigration in,




HAMLET,' the, of the Seine, 805-814

Harrison (Frederic), The Bishop
of Carlisle on Comte, 715-723


(EHOVAH,' the Old Testament
Harrogate waters, 208

Revisers' rule with regard to, 97
Hartington (Lord), party of, their atti- Jerome (St.), letters of, 226-227

tude towards the Conservatives, 298 Jessopp (Rev. Dr.), Letters and Letter-
Hawaii, kingdom of, 745

writers, 215-233
Heligoland, why England ought to part The Building up of a University,
with, 451

Heredity, 350–351

Jews, distribution of, throughout the
Hicks-Beach (Sir Michael), his speech

globe, 563-564
against Mr. Parnell's tenant relief bill, Jordan (J. N.), Modern China, 40-50

Hill (Frank H.), The Dissolution and

the Country, 139–148
Hindu Widow, the, 364-373

CANGAROOS of New Guinea, 84
Home, not at, 553-564

Kashmir, condition of, 897-899
Home Rule, Nova Scotia's Cry for, 785– Katscher (Leopold), Taine, a Literary

Portrait, 51-73
Home Rule not an article of the Liberal Kennard (Mrs. Arthur), Gustave Flau-
creed, 5

bert and George Sand, 693-708
position of the agitation for, 296-297 Kensington, South, condition of the
Horace, letter-writing of, 220–221 water-colour drawings at, 270-275
Hubbard (J. G.), The Church and Par- Key (Sir Ashley Cooper), Naval Defence
liament, 565–578

of the Colonies, 284-293
Huc (Abbé) on the state of religion Khedive, a thought-reading séance with
among the Chinese, quoted, 622

the, 874
Hydrophobia, Pasteur and, 149-170 Kidd (Benjamin), The Civil Service as a
Hypnotism, treatment of lunacy by, Profession, 491-502

Kremsmünster, visit to the monastery

of, 378–382
Kung (Prince), his memorandum on the

missionary question in China, 625-
DIOCY, relapses to specific animalism 625, 629-630

in, 352–353
Ignatieff (General), a thought-reading

séance with, 871-872
Imperial Institute, proposed, 645-647
India, success of British conquest in, 17

danger of, from British democracy, Ladrone Islands, 745

Lafontaine, Taine's essay on, 54-55
Indian Jungle, in an, 194–200

Lamb (Charles), letters of, 231-232
Mohammedans, the Loyalty of the, Lang (Andrew), Egyptian Divine Myths,

Inoculation for hydrophobia, 164 Lankester (Professor E. Ray), Pasteur
Ireland, the Coming Winter in, 609– and Hydrophobia, 149-170

Lansdowne (Marquis of), the allotment
Ireland, not an oppressed nationality, system as practised on his Wiltshire

estate, 857-859


LA BOUR, subdivision of, its disadvan-

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Lascelles (Hon. Gerald), The Chase of Martineau (Dr.), on Comte's three states,
the Wild Fallow Deer, 503–514

quoted, 476
Lawson (Sir Wilfrid), The Classes, the Mason College, Birmingham, 245-246

Masses, and the Glasses, 795–804 Masoretic text of the Bible, 92-93
Lawyers, utility of thought-reading to, Massage, 824-828

Maudsley (Dr.), his observations of
wanted a,

animalism in idiocy, 332–353
Lefevre (G. Shaw), The Liberal Split, Mecca, pilgrimages from India to, 895--

Letters and Letter-writers, 215-233 Medley (Mr.), reply to, 322-339
Lewes (G. H.) on Comte's law of the Meister (Joseph), inoculation of, for
three stages, quoted, 719

hydrophobia, 165
Liberal Split, the, 595-608

Merton (Walter de), 731
Light and Water-colours, 270-283 Meurice (Paul), his translation of Ham-
Lithium springs, 211

let,' 807-814
Livy, Taine's essay on, 55-57

Meyer (Dr.), his exploration of New
Lords, House of, abolition of the, 319– Guinea, 79

Mill (J. S.), on Comte's law of the three
Louis V., phenomena of multiplex per- states, quoted, 716
sonality in, 648-654

Milton, Taine's criticism of, 71-72
Lovell (Mr.), deer-hunting by, 505-507 • Mindstuff,' 346-347
Luchon spa, 208

Mineral springs, see Spas
Lunatics, hypnotisation of, 656-658 Missionary question in China, 619-632
Lyndhurst (Lord), marriage law of, 403 Mivart (St. George), A Visit to some

Austrian Monasteries, 374-330
Mohammedans, Indian, the Loyalty of

the, 886-900
(ACDONALD (Sir John), on the Mölk, visit to the monastery of, 382-

protective system in Canada, 385
quoted, 332

Monasteries, Austrian, a Visit to some,
Macdonald (John), Birmingham, a 374-390
Study from the Life, 231-254

Mongredien (Mr.) on the relation of
Machinery, effects of, on artisans, 532- exports to imports, quoted, 328

Montreal, the British in, 14
Mackarness (Bishop), see Oxford, Bishop Moresby (Captain), surveys of New

Maine (Sir H. S.) on popular govern-

Mulball (Mr.), his table of the rate of
ment, 313-320

advance in the world's commerce,
Malmesbury Common, the allotment 334
system on, 861-862

Myers (Frederic W. H.), Multiplex
Maltby Common, 865

Personality, 618-666
Malthus, his speculations on the popu- Myths, Egyptian Divine, 423-440

lation question, 560
Manners (Lady John), Massage, 824-

Mansion House Relief Fund, failure of NAVAL Defence of the Colonies,
the, 683-687

Marriage in China, 41-15

New Forest, deer-hunting in the, 503-
Marriage with a Deceased Wife's Sister,


New Hebrides, 757-758
· Reply to, 667–677

New Hebrides, France and the, 118-129
Marquette, 903-909


Guinea by,

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New York, purchase of Niagara Falls
Marshall (Mrs.), stories of, 520

by the State of, 815-823
Martin (Lady), her book on Shake-

appearance of, 905
speare's female characters, 417-419 New Zealand and Mr. Froude, 171-182


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