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“The word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day.”—John, xii, 49.







SERMON 1 The Glorious Gospel. 2 The Utility of Prayer. 3 Gain from the Sufferings of
Christ. 4 The Duty of sending ihe Gospel to the Heathen. 5 Internal Evidences of Revela-
tion. 6 and 7 The Mediation of Christ, the Ground of the Believer's Triumph. 8 and 9 The
Evidence and Duty of being on the Lord's Side. 10 The day of Pentecost. 11 and 12 The
Benefit of Afflictions. 13 The Duty of Family Worship. 14 The Union of Believers with
Christ. 15 Duties of the Rich. 16. The Great Chnage.


Sermons 17 and 18 The Native Character of Man. 19 The Unreasonableness and Dan-
ger of Indecision. 20 Mirror of Human Nature. 21 Practica! Test of Love or Enmity to God.
22 The Repentance of Peter. 23 The Duty of Reproof. 24 Resources of the Adversary, and
Means of their Destruction. 25 The Conversion of Cities. 26 The Pure Gospel rejecied by
the Perishing. 27 The Final Judgment. 28 Concern for the Spiritual Wants of Men.
29 Scriptural Measure of Benevolent Effort. 30 Pride abased by the Gospel. 31 God's Re-
spect to the Lowly, 32 The Malady and Physician of the Soul. 33 Christ the Divine and
Only Savior. 34 Free Salvation. 35 Sovereign Grace. 36 Christian Decision.

SERMON 37 Duties of Young Christians. 38 The Example of Christ. 39 The Efficacy of
Divine Truth. 40 Right Use of the Scriptures. 41 and 42 The Final Condition of All Men.
43 The Sinner's Self Destruction, and Only Remedy. 44 The Chief Evil of Sin. 45 The
Power of Truth and Love. 46 and 47 On praying for all in Authority. 48 Christian and Min-
isterial Self Denial and Faithfulness. 49 Responsibilities of the Ministry and Church. 50 The
Nature of Growth in Grace. 51 The Means of Growth in Grace. 52 The Long Forbearance
of God. 53 Evangelical Truths Offensive to the Unrenewed, but Joyous to the Believer.
54 The Gospel the Only Security for Eminent and Abiding National Prosperity. 55 Propriety
and Importance of Efforts to evangelize the Nation. 56 Preeminent Importance of the Chris-
tian Sabbath. 57 The Immutability of God. 58 The Nature and Reasonableness of Submis-
sion to God. 59 Full Assurance of Faith and Hope.

SERMON 60 The Final Dissolution of the World. 61 Preparation for Eternity. 62 The Son
of God must be reverenced. 63 The Two Champions contrasted. 64 The Sinner's Imminent
Danger. 65 The Sinner's Immediate Duty: 66 'The Happy Family: 67 The Guilt, Folly,
and Preventives of being in Debt. 68 Objections obviated, and God glorified by the Success of
the Gospel. 69 A Dreadful Meeting. 70 Solemn Responsibility. 71 Encouragement only to
the Devoled and Obedient. 72 Necessary Preparation for the Millennium. 73 The Wisdom
and Beauty of Youthful Piety. 74 Appeal 10 American Youth on Temperance. 75 The
Prayer of faith. 76 The Heavenly Mind. 77 The Guilt of Inefficiency and Delay. 78 Man
humbled and God honored. 79 God entitled to our Obedience. 80 Fatal Hinderance to
Prayer. 81 Wealth a Fearful Snare to the Soul.

SERMON 82 The Teaching of the Spirit. 83 Practical Atheism of Sinners. 84 Alarm to
Distillers and their Allies. 85 and 86 The Early Conversion of Children. _87 Encouragement
to Religious Effort. 88 Why the Wicked are suffered to live. 89 The Facility with which
Sinners go to Destruction. 90 Influence of the Atonement on the Believer's Conscience.
91 Human Depravity and its Remedy. 92 Persuasives to Immediate Repentance. 93 The
Gospel Harvest and Christian's Duty: 94 The Living Epistle. 95 Call to Professing Chris-
tians on Temperance. 96 Conviction by the Law. 97 Scriptural Evidence of Saving Faith.
98 and 99 The Duty, the Benefits, and the Proper Method of Religious Fasting: 100 The Con-
viction of Sinners at the Judgment. 101 The Sinner, and not the Believer, deranged.
102 The Probability of Perdition inferred from Present Impenitence. 103 The Wicked surprised
by their own Destruction.

SERMONs 104 and 105 Duty of praying for Rulers. 106 and 107 Early Piety. 108 On the
Death of Jeremiah Evarts, Esq. 109 Sinners avoid Conviction. 110 The Progress of the
Righteous and Wicked compared. 111 Nocessity of Divine Influence. 112 Sinners urged to a
Reconciliation with God. 113 Hinderances to the Spread of the Gospel. 114 The Foolish


Rich Man. 115 The Spiritual and Elevated Nature of True Piety. 116 The Character, Con-
duct and Destiny of the Jailer and Felix contrasted. 117 The Signs of the Times. 118 Regen-
eration by the Holy Spirit. 119 The Duty of Restitution. 120 Evidences of True Conversion.
121 Christian Obligation. 122 Claims of the Prison Discipline Society. 123 Difficulties of Old
Age without Religion. 124 Sorrows of Old Age without Religion.

Sermons 125 and 126, Development of Christian Character. 127, Human and Divine
Agency united in the Salvation of the Soul. 128 The Fruit of the Spirit. 129 The Law not
repealed by the Gospel. 130 The Measure of the Sinner's Duty. 131 God's Claims, and the
Sinner's Immediate Duty. 132 Freedom conferred only by the Gospel. 133 The unknown
depths of sin. 134 Sinners entreated to seek the Savior. 135 The God of the Christian and
the God of the Infidel. 136 Choosing the Good Part. 137 The Doctrines essential to salva-
tion. 138 Conviction of sin by the Law. 139 Means of a Revival of Religion. 140 Alarm to
the Careless. 141 Experimental religion. 142 The Tears of Jesus. 143 Practical examination
of the Doctrine of the Saints' perseverance.

SERMON 144 Lessons from the Life of Joseph. 145 Solemn question answered. 146 The
Conversion of Zaccheus. 147 The Holy Spirit's agency in regeneration. 148 Purification of
the Sacred Ministry. 149 Apostolic preaching. 150 Unsearchable riches of Christ. 151 Pre-
paration for meeting God. 152 The Sinner's ability to obey God. 153 Private prayer. 154
Social prayer. 155 The Guilt and misery attendant on Parental indulgence. 156 Peculiar re-
sponsibilities of young men. 157 Time measured by Eternity. 158 Solemn views of probation.
159 Solemn rebuke to the Ungrateful and backsliding. 160 Causes of a decline of Revivals.
161 The loveliness of Christian love. 162 Union among Christians. 163 and 164 Nature of
inteniperance in eating. 165 The Murder of a faithful Minister, or the downward course of sin.
166 The Nature and efficacy of true prayer. 167 The consequences of intemperance in eating.

SERMON 168 The great King: 169 Practical illustation of God's universal providence. 170
Orr the death of Dr. Porter. 171 Ground of the Difficulty of conversion. 172 Christ died for

173 The Man that gathered sticks on the Sabbath. 174 The Secret counsels of God,
175 The Beatific Vision. 176 The Guilt of Unbelief. 177 Blessings of Temperance in Food.
178 Zeal in Religion. 179 Danger and Folly of delay. 180 A good wife a heavenly gift. 181
The Sabbath a National blessing. 182 Disastrous Effects of little sins in Christians. °1+3 The
wise reckoning of time-A new-year's Sermon. 184 and 185 On the death of Lyman, Munson,
and others. 186 Obstinate perverseness of Men. 187 Dying the Death of the Righteous. 188
The Sinner his own Destroyer. 189 Resisting the Holy Ghost.

SERMONS 190—195 The Nature, Importance, and means of eminent holiness. 196 The
Truth in Relation to Christ, the Great bond of Fellowship. 197 Motives and Means of peace to
the Churches. 198 The Importance of Domestic Happiness. 199 The Means of Domestic
Happiness. 200 The Authenticity and Genuineness of the Bible, and Madness of Infidelity.
201" The History, Character, and importance of the Received English Version of the Bible.
202 The Humilation of Christ. 203 The Exaltation of Christ. 204 The Trinity employed in
Man's redemption. 205 The Earth filled with the Glory of the Lord. 206 The Religious In-
fluence of Mothers. 207 The Adorable Savior. 208 Critical periods in the Sinner's life. 209
The Importance and Means of an Able Ministry. 210 Sure means of Spiritual prosperity.
211 The Sin-ner's desperate depravity. 212 The Nature and results of Sanctification: 213 The
means of Sanctification. 214 The one thing needful. 215 The Parable of the Tares. 216 Per-
dition dreadful. 217 The Example of Christ in self-denial.

SERMON 218 The Infinite worth of the Soul. 219 The Union of Christians essential to the
World's conversion. 220 The Exceeding sinfulness of sin. 221 Necessity and means of regen-
eration. 222 The Sinner arraigned and convicted. 223 The Nature, necessity and evidence of
repentance. 224 Lessons from Autumn. 225 The Influence of Christ's coming upon Human
Destiny. 226 The Harvest past. 227 Carelessness about religion unreasonable." 228 Recon-
ciliation with God. 229 The Propriety and design of an annual Thanksgiving: 230 and 231
The Lord our Righteousness. 232 and 233 Joshua's resolution to serve the Lord. 234 The
real Christian. 235 The Alarming Power of Sin. 236 The Unchangeable God. 237 Punctu-
ality in the Payment of Debts. 238 The goodness of God fitted to lead men to repentance.
239 The Day of Judgment: or, Final Appeal to the Impenitent.

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