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Moriah, Mount, 457
Mormonites, 61, 153, 237
Much blossom, and little fruit, 350
Mujelibe, the, 401

Prisons, children of, 91
Prophecy, 456
Prosperity, fatal effects of, 346
Psalmody, Highland, 132

New year, a question for the, 32

RAMBLE, a country, 334
Niagara, accident at the falls of, 231 Rash language, 199

Ready to depart, 472
ODD sort of people, 91

Rebukes, 400
Oil paintings, machine for copying, 80

Reconcilement, court of, 80
Opportunity, uncle Barnaby on, 42

Reformation, the evangelical, 414
Osprey, the, 80

Redeemer, the, 192
Ostend, sketch of, 311

Reproofs, gentlem
“ Overcome evil with good,” 345

The wagoner, 39

The cruel boys, 64
PAPISTS converted, 264

The tombstone, 230
Papyrus, the, 321

The ride to Greenwich, 278
Pentateuch, the, 232

The basket of apples, 416
Perambulator, the
The National Gallery, 24

Rest for them that labour, 436
The Tower of London, 68

Riches, 375

Robbers in Judea, 241
The rimy morning, 101
The Colosseum, 123

Rock, the smitten, 258
The Diorama and Cosmorama, 187

of Ages, 440
The Docks, 213

Romanists, idolatry of, 161
The river Thames, the bridges, and the Saw, the, 296
Thames Tunnel, 258

Scape goat, 360
The Parks, 291

Scripture, undesigned coincidences of, 22,
The Panoramas of Benares and Macao, 167, 341

illustration, 308, 452
A ramble on the banks of the Wye, 379 Scriptures, study of the, 312
The Devil's Bridge, in Cardiganshire, 461

the, in past times, 441
Periodicals, hints to writers in, 440

Servant, the way to have a good, 320
Pheasant, the mountain, of Australia, 177 Seville, houses of, 200
Pilgrimages, 417

Soldier become a Christian, 111
Pole Star, the, 256

Sorrow, comfort in, 40
Polished steel, colouring, 439

Souls, losers of, 192
Printing, early, 257

Stones, white, 296

Sunday among the hills, 279
Sunset in Switzerland, 250
Superstition, modern—The Mormonites, 61,

153, 237

Village characters-

The old campaigner, 58
Old Gripe, 104
Old Gwyn, 143
Blind Jenny, 221
Jonas Harding, 273

Colleyberry C-, 353
Volcanoes, 37

TALE, an Arabian, 47
Tanjore in 1806, 395
Telegraph, the, 241

The pneumatic telegraph, 304

The electrical telegraph, 305
“ The world was not made for you,” 368
Thebes, 17
Tidings, glad, 290
Time and eternity, 40 .
Truth and falsehood, 321

its own witness, 360
Turkey, the brush, of Australia, 121
Turkish festival, 226
Tutor and his pupil, 85

Whale on the British shores, 41
What we have been used to, and what we

expected, 205
Wisdom of the Creator exemplified in his

works, 272
Words, 362

World, inordinate attachment to the,


Worldly spirit, on a, 463
Worsted and woollen manufactures, 465
Writing, 256

VILLAGE characters--

The atheist, 12

YEZIDEES, the, 409





Page Sir William Jones


Roman soldiers attacking the robbers in The medicinal leach, two engravings.. 9 their caves........

241 Thebes

Ancient printing office,

257 Medal struck in commemoration of the Latimer preaching before Edward vi... 281 massacre of St. Bartholomew's Day.. 20 The Birs Nemroud

297 A whale caught near Charmouth beach 41 The lime

313 Animalcules--diagrams, 50, 51, 118, 119, The papyrus swamp

321 120, 163, 164, 165

Modern synagogue of the Jews 337 Mount Hor

57 Antiochus Epiphanes stopped by the Chapel of Henry VII., Westminster Roman Ambassadors

361 Abbey 81 Section of the electrical eel

363 Profession of a Benedictine monk 97 | Hebron

377 Brush turkey of Australia ... 121 | The larch

393 Land Slip, near Lyme, Devon...... 137 The Mujelibe

401 Adoration of the cross

161 Adaptation of fishes to their mode of The alder

170 life-seven engravings .. 405, 407, 408, Mountain pheasant of Australia ...... 177 Pilgrimages ...,

417 Crosby hall

201 English Bibles placed in churches .... 441 Chinese harrowing 211 | Mount Moriah

457 Antioch 225 | Wool comb


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birth of his son William only three The family with which the subject of years, and died in July, 1749. Mrs. the present sketch was connected on the Jones was, however, endowed with much maternal side, has been traced to the an- ability, which was improved by the concient princes and chieftains of North versation and instruction of her husband; Wales. His father, a skilful mathema- she, in consequence, became a considerticjan, numbered among his intimate able proficient in algebra, and made herfriends, Sir Isaac Newton, Halley, Mead, self perfect in trigonometry and the and Dr. Johnson ; but he survived the theory of navigation. To the incessant



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entreaties of her child for information, cation of time and talents. It is also which she watchfully stimulated, she worthy of observation, that he was as constantly replied, “ Read, and you will much indebted to his great industry and know ;” and by this method his desire attention to method, for his attainments, to learn became as eager as her wish to as to his superior capacity. In his nineteach; and in his fourth year he was teenth year he was recommended as able to read distinctly and rapidly any private tutor to Lord Althorpe, then English work. His future eminence is seven years old, afterwards the late Earl to be partly ascribed to the advantages Spencer. While at Harrow, the rehe was thus permitted to enjoy, as it is sidence of his noble pupil, he was into the uncommon talents with which he duced to peruse Beveridge's “Private was gifted; and through life he cherished Thoughts on Religion” with considerable for his mother the tenderest affection and attention; and he was particularly struck most filial respect.

by one passage, in which the writer In his fifth year, as William Jones argues, that a profession of Christianity was one morning turning over the leaves merely because our countrymen profess of a Bible in his mother's closet, his at- | it, without candid inquiry and sincere tention was forcibly arrested by the sub-conviction, would be no better reason lime description of the angel in the tenth for our faith, than the Mohammedans chapter of the Revelation ; and the im- have for theirs. He was thus, it appression he received from it was never pears, led to reflect with more seriouseffaced. In the full maturity of his ness than he had ever before on the subjudgment, he considered the passage as ject of religion, and to examine the equal in sublimity to any in the inspired grounds on which the Bible has been writings, and far superior to all merely received as the word of God. human compositions; and he was fond of Mr. Jones subsequently resigned his retracing and mentioning the rapture tutorship, and determined to devote himwith which he first read it.

self to the study and practice of the law. About two years after, he was sent to He still, however, gave much attention Harrow school, where he was long under to literature; and his “ Commentary on the care of the amiable Dr. Thackeray. Asiatic Poetry” was received with admi.. One of his schoolfellows was Bennet, ration and applause by the learned of our afterwards Bishop of Cloyne, who said, own country, and by the oriental scholars “I knew him from the early age of of Europe in general. In March, 1783, eight or nine, and he was always an un- he was appointed a judge of the Supreme common boy. Great abilities ; great Court of Judicature at Fort William, in particularity of thinking; fondness for Bengal, and received the honour of writing verses of various kinds; and a knighthood. degree of integrity and manly courage, It is pleasing to find this eminent man of which I remember many instances, associating with those who expressed distinguished him even at that period. their detestation of slavery, with its inI loved and revered him, and though numerable horrors. His sentiments on one or two years older than he was, I that question are thus recorded :was always instructed by him from my I pass with haste by the coast of earliest age. It was a singular trait in Africa, whence my mind turns with inthe character of Dr. Thackeray, that he dignation at the abominable traffic in the never applauded the best compositions of human species, from which a part of our his scholars, from a notion that praise countrymen dare to derive their most only tended to make them vain or idle. inauspicious wealth. Sugar, it has been But the opinion that he gave of Jones in said, would be dear if it were not worked private was, that he was a boy of so very by blacks in the western islands; as if active a mind, that if he were left naked the most laborious, the most dangerous and friendless on Salisbury Plain, he works were not carried on in every would, nevertheless, find the road to fame country, but chiefly in England, by free and riches.

in fact, they are so carried on, He afterwards went to the university with infinitely more advantage, for there of Oxford, where his partiality for ori- is an alacrity in a consciousness of freeental literature began to display itself: dom, and a gloomy sullen indolence in a and if his acquisitions at this period be consciousness of slavery. But let sugar compared with his years, few instances be as dear as it may, it is better to cat will be found of a more successful appli- none-to eat honey, if sweetness only be


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