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Ot our best poc: Collectiinin

Modern 11nis .

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Louilliani From a photograph by a friend in England.

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3. f. Pitnini's 2:18 'Rew port and longi! Tbe kinich rocker Press

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William Shareupe

or the

Wise Saws

Of our Wisest poet Collected into a

Modern Instance


Mary Cowden-Clarke 1809-1998.

Edited witb Introduce and 'Aotes by

William 3. Rolfe

bave at you witb a proverb !

Comedy of Errors

6. P. Putnam's Sons
Aew york and London
Tbe knickerbocker Press

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(For Introduction, Additional Proverbs, and Notes)

The knickerbocker Press, New York

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