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CHAP. I. Of my birth and parentage,

II. I grow up; am hated by my relations; sent

to school; neglected by my grandfather; mal-

treated by my master; seasoned to adversity. I

form cabals against the pedant; am debarred

access to my grandfather; hunted by his heir;

I demolish the teeth of his tutor,

Ill. My mother's brother arrives; relieves me;

a description of him; he goes along with me to

the house of my grandfather; is encountered by

bis dogs; defeats them after a bloody engage-

ment; is admitted to the old gentleman; a

dialogue between them, .

IV. My grandfather makes his will; our second

visit; he dies; his will is read in presence of all

his living descendants; the disappointment of

my female cousins; my uncle's behaviour,. .

V. The schoolmaster uses me barbarously; I form

a project of revenge, in which I am assisted by

my uncle; I leave the village; am settled at an

university by his generosity, .

VI. I make great progress in my studies; am ca-

ressed by every body; my female cousins take

notice of me; I reject their invitation; they are

incensed, and conspire against me; I am left

destitute by a misfortune that befals my uncle ;

Gawky's treachery; my revenge, .

VII. I am entertained by Mr Crab; a description

of him; I acquire the art of surgery; consult

Crab's disposition; become necessary to him;

an accident happens; he advises me to launch

out into the world; assists me with money; I

set out for London, .

VIII. I arrive at Newcastle; meet with my old

school-fellow Strap; we determine to walk to-

gether to London; set out on our journey; put

up at a solitary ale-house; are disturbed by a

strange adventure in the night,.

IX. We proceed on our journey; are overtaken

by an highwayman, who fires at Strap; is pre-

vented from shooting me by a company of horse-

men, who ride in pursuit of him; Strap is put to

bed at an inn; adventures at that inn,

X. The highwayman is taken; we are detained

as evidence against him; proceed to the next

village; he escapes; we arrive at another inn,

where we go to bed; in the night we are awaked

by a dreadful adventure; next night we lodge

at the house of a schoolmaster; our treatment



XI. We descry the waggon; get into it; arrive at

an inn; our fellow-travellers described; a mis-

take is committed by Strap, which produces

strange things,

XII. Captain Weazel challenges Strap, who de

clines the combat; an affair between the captain

and me; the usurer is fain to give Miss Jenny

five guineas for a release; we are in danger of

losing a meal; the behaviour of Weazel, Jenny,

and Joey, on that occasion; an account of Captain

Weazel and his lady; the captain's courage tried;

Isaac's mirth at the captain's expence,

XIII. Strap and I are terrified by an apparition;

Strap's conjecture; the mystery explained by

Joey; we arrive at London; our dress and ap-

pearance described; we are insulted in the street;

an adventure in an ale-house; we are imposed

upon by a waggish footman; set to rights by a

tobacconist; take lodgings; dive for a dinner;

an accident at our ordinary,

XIV. We visit Strap's friend; a description of

him; his advice; we go to Mr Cringer's house;

are denied admittance; an accident befalls Strap;

his behaviour thereupon; an extraordinary ad-

venture occurs, in the course of which I lose all

my money,.

XV. Strap moralizes; presents his purse to me;

we inform our landlord of my misfortune; he

unravels the mystery; I present myself to

Cringer; he recommends and turns me over to

Mr Staytape; I become acquainted with a fel-

low dependant, who explains the characters of

Cringer and Staytape; and informs me of the

method to be pursued at the Navy-office and

Surgeons-hall; Strap is employed,

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